Apartment Jacko II: An Apartment Refurbishment with Long and Shallow New Space

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Atelier Starzak Strebicki and team has been completed an apartment refurbishment project in Poznań, Poland. Apartment Jacko II is a 55 m2 modernized flat located in the low-rise buildings from the ’50s, a result of joining together two premises. This project is started in 2017 and completed in 2020 with a quite long and shallow new space as the result and accompanied by six windows.


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The six windows that accompany the new space expose the apartment rooms to the sunlight evenly. The result of the refurbishment makes the new space of the flat is quite long and shallow. The enlarged space also has a character that defined by a multifunctional “wall-furniture.” This multifunctional “wall-furniture” divides the apartment surfaces into some particular functions.



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The division of the surfaces can create some particular functions that consist of a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and also an entry area. The apartment wall also holds in itself a door to some individual rooms: a sliding door to the bedroom and opened traditionally, high to the ceiling, to the bathroom. There are also a lot of different niches functioning as wardrobes.



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This apartment is designed with an existing wooden plank flooring and after polishing, oiled. It is a little bit different in the bathroom and kitchen where there is no original wood used, a new floor in both of these rooms is made from granite tiles. The sliding door of the bedroom also allows managing comfort and intimacy.


Apartment Jacko II Gallery


Photographer: Danil Daneliuk

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