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Ventayol – La Vileta: A Single-Family House Construction with Simple Lines

Completed in 2020 by PMA Studio, Ventayol – La Vileta is a construction project of a single-family house. Located in Palma, this house is 185 m2 in size and designed with a pool. The design comes with simple lines that used to create the bedrooms, bathroom, and terrace area.

Portixol House: A Complete Renovation of A Traditional Rowhouse with Bright Interiors

Transformed by PMA Studio, Portixol House is a 2018 project situated on a very narrow plot in Portixol, Spain. This 110 m2 traditional rowhouse is renovated completely despite the property’s slender shape. The planning of the project ensures that the house interiors can still receive plenty of light, creating brighter interiors that take advantage of the most of natural light.