Capella Pedregal Resort: A Luxury Resort at A Mountain and Dramatic Desert Terrain

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Capella Pedregal Resort is located at the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula with its beautiful nature. It is surrounded by Baja’s dramatic desert terrain and the Pedregal Mountain which are converging the beach along the Cortez Sea. This luxury resort will give you an unprecedented leisure opportunity of an ultra-upscale five-star resort.

Luxury Resort

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Capella Pedregal Resort is a luxury resort in a unique Mexican terrain. It is located at Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico with 29 acres in large. This resort not only has the best facilities of a five-star resort but also the best architecture landscape ever.



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The guests of Capella Pedregal Resort can pass through the 300 meters of Dos Mares Tunnel via Pedregal Mountain’s solid granite when they want to arrive the isolated beach. This resort has more than 66 rooms for them with an awesome Mexican architecture design.



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As a main designer and architect, SWA designs this luxury resort based on the terrain project. It makes Capella Pedregal Resort offers the expansive views to the beach. All guests in this resort can enjoy the striking ocean vistas every time.


Grotto-Style Pool

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A grotto-style pool is another amazing facility of Capella Pedregal Resort. The pool water cascades down to the beach with its unique air fountains. The extensive water features become the main integral to the resort landscape design.


Marine Environment

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The marine environment comes from the Pacific blue waves and the calmer waters of the Sea around the resort. This environment also includes the turtle nesting, whale watching, and also some best sports fishing found. This confluence of sea rests and desert mountain can be found only at Capella Pedregal Resort.



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Capella Pedregal Resort design architecture is inspired by the garden heritage and Mexican architectural with the combination of traditional and modern design elements. The exotic dessert pallet and the beautiful plants help the integration this resort with its beautiful beachfront location.

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