Poly International Plaza: The Integration of Contemporary Site with A Series of Gardens

Poly International Plaza 8

The main idea of Poly International Plaza is about a precedent-setting integration of rapid development ethos within a historic natural setting of the site location. The site is located near a historic Pazhou Temple Park and along the Pearl River, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. With the modern plazas and gardens in 57 hectares area, Poly International Plaza becomes one of the best places in Guangdong, China.


Poly International Plaza 8

Poly International Plaza offers the society’s rapid move to the modernization with a series of gardens. The context is about the integration of the site development around a historical area. So, the site is not only about a modern and big plazas with their high building but also a green landscape with the gardens.


Site Plan

Poly International Plaza 4

Poly International Plaza 3

The site plan of Poly International Plaza is about plazas which are surrounded by gardens. That’s why the garden elements are used to give a natural accent to this modern site. The green plants, tall trees, and also a pool with its fresh water provide shade and also breezes.



Poly International Plaza 2

Poly International Plaza 1

The promenade area is located on the west boundary. It provides connections to the convention hall and an offsite hotel development. The diagonal spatial arrangement also offers a visual connection to the Pagoda Park and the Pearl River.


Water Features

Poly International Plaza 7

Poly International Plaza 5

The water features are combined with the tree canopies to moderate the climate around the site. The result makes it provides shade and also cooling breezes. The exterior of Poly International Plaza looks natural and also feels so fresh.


Tall Trees

Poly International Plaza 6

The tall and continuous tree canopies are not only producing the fresh air around the Poly International Plaza site but also moderating the hot climate by providing the cool environment. The trees are combined with the water features to make awesome exterior spaces.



Poly International Plaza 9

The complete design of Poly International Plaza is built to give the best integration result of the southern Chinese landscape traditions with the modern sensitivity. This landscape design is also made based on the local context, flora, climate, and SOM’s modern architecture too.

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