Marienkirche: Concert Hall with Thousand Seats

Marienkirche Concert Hall 10

If you go to Germany, you should visit this concert hall called Marienkirche. Marienkirche Concert Hall is located at Neubrandenburg, a city in north Berlin Germany. This concert hall project has more than 1000 seats with 6.500 b-m2 of gross area and 42.220 m3 for the volume. Marienkirche is a church hall which is built of North German red brick with a Gothic design and style in 1298.

Marienkirche Church

Marienkirche Concert Hall 10

Neubrandenburg city already becomes one of an interesting city in Germany because of the Marienkirche Church since the Middle Ages. This church has a large hall with the classic Gothic style and the red brick wall. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Marienkirche Church had been badly damaged and it was repaired by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel. He is Karl Friedrich von Schinkel student from 1832 to 1841.

Church Renovation

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Marienkirche was damaged by fire badly in the Second World War. That’s why the citizen of Neubrandenburg decided to change the damaged church into a concert hall. The renovation started in 1980 and 1990’s. The roof got a big change in the steel frames. The renovation idea comes from PES-Architects, the winner of European architectural competition in 1996.


Fire Resistant Wall

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The large hall of Marienkirche has been divided into two parts by the fire resistant wall. The glazed wall creates a foyer and a concert hall area in shoebox-shaped. The stairs design inside the Marienkirche fits well with the brick wall accent all over the whole church building.

Red Brick Wall

Marienkirche Concert Hall 7

The makeover process of Marienkirche is not eliminating the original design of this church, especially the red brick wall design since the Middle Ages. Once you enter this concert hall, you can still see the Middle Ages accent inside the building complete with the awesome red brick wall.


Marienkirche Concert Hall 6

Marienkirche Concert Hall 5

Marienkirche Concert Hall is also decorated with some awesome foyers inside the hall building. With the clear glass material around the foyer, the Middle Ages architectural still can be seen clearly for the audience during the interval of the concert.

House within A House

Marienkirche Concert Hall 4

The concept design of the Marienkirche interior is using the “house within A House” solution. This solution allows all people to see the architecturally and historically well. The acoustic suspended glass ceiling inside the hall is created with glass pyramids with the proper calculation.

Hall Interior

Marienkirche Concert Hall 2

The big windows of the church are still decorated the whole interior of this concert hall. With the stairs and the glass ceiling, the interior has a combination of the classic and modern style. The hall is also completed with the spotlights for the concert.

Concert Hall with 1000 Seats

Marienkirche Concert Hall 1

With more than 1000 seats, this concert hall becomes one of a big concert hall in Germany. All people in the Neubrandenburg city has the same chance to see an enjoy the concert inside the hall. It is not only a concert hall but also a valuable building with its Middle Ages architecture.

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