Résidence de la Côte-Rouge: Project of Enlarging The Living Spaces in An Old Chapel

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 7

Résidence de la Côte-Rouge is a project about enlarging the living space in an old chapel in 2012. The old chapel is located near the river and the cliff complete with a beautiful landscape. When the seasons change, this new living place becomes the most beautiful place on the site. It will not only be a living place but also a good way to save the residential heritage.

New Pavilion

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 9

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 1

This new pavilion is transformed by the season colors. It is also integrated with the glass wall, allow the natural light to come. The whole design of this building is showing the dialogue of the present and the past through the architecture.



Résidence De La Côte Rouge 2

The entryway design of Résidence de la Côte-Rouge is full of natural elements. You can see the use of natural materials like stone and wood for the building design. The glass wall makes this new pavilion looks beautiful to be seen from the outside.


Living Room

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 3

The living room is one of the warm rooms inside Résidence de la Côte-Rouge. The ceiling and the floor is designed with wood. The fireplace is a stone fireplace. Most of the wall is decorated with clear glass to show the beautiful outside view.



Résidence De La Côte Rouge 4

The structure of steel and glass allow the beautiful nature of the building exterior to come to the living space of Résidence de la Côte-Rouge. With the green view and trees, the exterior of this pavilion can be an interesting object for the site to be seen.


Dining Area

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 5

The dining area doesn’t have any big differences with the living room. Right outside this area, there is a beautiful pool complete with the rocks too. This pool can be seen from the dining area through the glass door. The glass dining table makes the area looks more elegant.


Glass Volume

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 6

The design style of Résidence de la Côte-Rouge is also about glass volume. The clear glass on the building clearly will make the architecture has an awesome volume style. It also makes the rooms inside the pavilion seems so inviting.



Résidence De La Côte Rouge 7

Résidence De La Côte Rouge 8

The panorama of the city and also the river makes Résidence de la Côte-Rouge has its own special image for everyone who sees it. This pavilion is not only about residential heritage but also about the best living space with the best landscape view too.

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