Mantova: A Residential Private House with Secret Garden

Mantova 3

The design name of this house is Mantova: New Life with Secret Garden. This residential private house is designed by Davide Cerini Studio SDC-Milano. The name comes from the location of this house in Italy, Mantova. The inspiration of Mantova is about 500th centuries art and architecture with the newest trend of technology and design. This house has a contemporary image with a unique secret garden.

XVI Century House

Mantova 1

The restoration design of Mantova is based on XVI century with a garden for the exterior part. The goal is about showing the building soul, the house structure, the story behind it, and also the frescoes found on the wooden ceilings and walls.


Art and Technology

Mantova 2

Mantova is made with the latest technology and art. This house will give you the best design of home automation, light control, and also Clima system. The detail of design and furniture are combined together to make a perfect looking of a house.


Interior Technology

Mantova 3

The Clima control units are used in the walls and furniture inside the house. The light control and home automation become one of the best technology realizations of Mantova. The Flos lighting system makes the interior feels so warm.

Mantova 4

The natural light comes from the automatic control of the roof light windows, especially in the bathroom. The perfect integration material is designed with the faucets and sanitary to give matt surface effect. The hidden automatic lift is used for an easy access to this 3 floors house.


The Challenge

Mantova 5

The architect tries to bring a lot of lights into this house as much as possible with small windows that have a medieval structure. The windows also become the protection to the whole art and architecture of the building. The materials of wood and stone are used to make the goal of the house comes true with an awesome artwork.

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