Khlongtoei House: A Cozy House with A New Personality of the Interior Space

Khlongtoei House 17

Located in Bangkok, Khlongtoei House is a 2013 renovation project by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated. This project is about transforming an inherited property into a cozy bridal house for the new generation. Some of the house’s compositions are adjusted to complete the transformation.

Before the renovation, the house was composed of two townhouses with 3.5 meters width in size. It sits in a convenient residential area where there are buildings with the same style. Unfortunately, the area lacks tranquility and comfort due to the bustling of people, traffic, and assorted buildings.

A townhouse community is relatively small as the conventional townhouse is usually limited to a two-stories building with economical space between the fence and the house. The fences are just shoulder height and the common areas are very compact. These contrast with the homeowner’s taste who cherishes privacy.


Khlongtoei House 31

Khlongtoei House 25

Khlongtoei House 26

Khlongtoei House 27

Khlongtoei House 28

Khlongtoei House 29

Khlongtoei House 30

Khlongtoei House 20

Khlongtoei House 21

Khlongtoei House 22

Khlongtoei House 23

Khlongtoei House 24

The aim of this project’s design is to add a sense of privacy for the owner so there is no intention to replace the building’s original feature with another identity. The facade around the house is used to redirect encounters and sightings from the outside.

The facade helps the house to limit the heat and lucidity from the outside. It also creates private territory for the inhabitants and gives the house a new character.



Khlongtoei House 15

Khlongtoei House 16

Khlongtoei House 17

Khlongtoei House 18

Khlongtoei House 19

Khlongtoei House 9

Khlongtoei House 10

Khlongtoei House 11

Khlongtoei House 12

This transformation project gives the interior space a new personality that can be seen starting from the ground floor of the house. There is an empty space between the house and the fence used as a parking lot. The living room shares a utility space with a kitchen, serving as a relaxing and socializing area.

The stair, storage, and bathrooms are designed based on the homeowner’s taste. The reallocation of the whole space on the second floor is done to reduce the feeling of the original townhouse’s spatial limitation. The master bedroom offers an aesthetic of private time for the homeowner. There is also a praying corner and a small bathroom.



Khlongtoei House 13

Khlongtoei House 14

Khlongtoei House 4

Khlongtoei House 5

Khlongtoei House 6

Khlongtoei House 7

Khlongtoei House 8

Khlongtoei House 1

Khlongtoei House 2

Khlongtoei House 3

In this renovation project, creating a new character means re-arranging the house’s utility space and creating a new personality. The transformation compromise with the house’s surrounding environment to balance the huge crowd with peaceful personal time and the way of life surrounded by the construction.

Photographer: SkyGround architectural film & photography

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