10 Floor-To-Ceiling Glazing Living Rooms That Bring The Outdoors In

Modern House With Large Windows

We often see that most of the public buildings in the city have glazing walls. As the presence of glass walls gain more popularity, now there are a lot of houses designed with glazing walls as well.

If you want to have a modern appearance for your home, a glazing wall is one of the best choices. This kind of wall is also appealing and attractive. It gives a transparency feeling as if there are no boundaries between inside and outside.

One of the best rooms in your home that is recommended to have glazing walls is the living room. Gathering in your warm cozy living room with your family and being able to enjoy the stunning views outside the house from the inside is irreplaceable.

Besides increasing aesthetic appeal, glazing walls also can help you to save money on electricity bills. Glazing walls provide more natural light so you don’t have to turn on lights often during the day.

Let’s check out these floor-to-ceiling glazing living rooms that bring in the outdoors in and find out how the glazing wall affects the whole look of the room.

1. Link Farm House by Slade Architecture

Link Farm House 10

The floor-to-ceiling glazing living room in Link Farm House by Slade Architecture offers a bright room where the glazing walls provide more natural light. The natural light can highlight the attractive blue furniture and the luxurious marble fireplace.

Photographer: TOM SIBLEY


2. Morris Cove by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Morris Cove 1

Warm and cozy is the feeling that you can find in this floor-to-ceiling glazing living room. Morris Cove by Blaze Makoid Architecture uses the glazing walls to let the natural light enter the room and allow the occupants to enjoy the panoramic views outside from the inside.

Photography: Blaze Makoid Architecture


3. Residence the Grands Jardins by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes

Residence The Grands Jardins 7

The red sofas in this floor-to-ceiling glazing living room are highlighted by natural light that comes through the glazing walls. Residence the Grands Jardins by Bourgeois Lechasseur also uses the glazing walls in its living room to allow one to enjoy the mesmerizing views outside.

Photographer: Alexandre Guilbeault


4. Echo House by Aaron Neubert Architects

Echo House 4

The best thing that Echo House by Aaron Neubert Architects has is its floor-to-ceiling glazing living room. The natural light that comes through the wall and enters the room creates a warmer feeling and a brighter look. The high ceiling makes the room airy and spacious.

Photography: Brian Thomas Jones, Alex Zarour


5. Bayview by Sweet Sparkman Architects

Bayview 3

When dusk comes, one can enjoy the view from this floor-to-ceiling glazing living room. Bayview by Sweet Sparkman Architects has a modern living room with cozy seating and glazing walls where one can sit and experience the beauty of view at the dusk.

Photographer: Ryan Gamma


6. Villa AT by Saunders Architecture

Villa AT 1

Villa AT by Saunders Architecture has a floor-to-ceiling glazing living room on the upper level. This allows the occupants to enjoy uninterrupted views outside through the glazing walls. The marble fireplace becomes the focal point of this room.

Photographers: Bent René Synnevåg


7. Hillsborough by Studio VARA

Hillsborough 2

Hillsborough by Studio VARA has stunning outdoor views that can be seen easily from the inside floor-to-ceiling glazing living room. There are also glazing doors used as direct access to the pool from the living room. When these glazing doors are opened, the living room feels airy.

Photographer: Matthew Millman Photography


8. A Window on The Lake by YH2 Architecture

A Window On The Lake The Very Essence Of The Cottage 8

This floor-to-ceiling glazing living room looks attractive because its glazing wall is designed following the form of the house’s ceiling. A Window on The Lake by YH2 Architecture offers a comfortable living room with glazing walls that lets the stunning lake views can be seen easily from the inside.

Photographer: Francis Pelletier


9. T House by UAU Collectiv

T House 3

Beautiful in white describes the whole look of this floor-to-ceiling glazing living room in T House by UAU Collectiv. Things that make this room brighter are not only the white interior surface but also the natural light that enters the room through the glazing walls.

Photography: UAU Collectiv


10. Old Orchard by BMA Architects

Old Orchard 8

This floor-to-ceiling glazing living room is not only appealing but also unique. Old Orchard by BMA Architects uses the glazing wall to bring the pool view into the living room. The unique look of this living room comes from the different designs, shapes, and colors of the furniture.

Photographer: JOSHUA MCHUGH

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