Morris Cove: A House with Easy Accommodation for An Active Family of Four

Morris Cove 8

Morris Cove becomes an interesting house for an active family of four. This family loves to do the outdoor activities like biking, swimming, paddle boarding, sailing, and also surfing. That’s why Blaze Makoid Architecture designs this house that can give an easy accommodation to support those outdoor activities. Morris Cove becomes a house with the maximum use for this active family.

‘C’ Shape

Morris Cove 8

Morris Cove 7

Morris Cove is designed with ‘C’ shape plan with two legs or more, parallel with the water’s edge. This plan comes based on the gentle southwesterly summer will come to the site area. The legs are used as separate pavilions with the traditional form and also materials.


Glass Wall

Morris Cove 6

The architect doesn’t want to make this house looks boring. The glass wall is used for some areas of the house. It lets the beautiful view around the house comes in easily. The pool and the deck can be seen clearly through the wall.



Morris Cove 5

Morris Cove has a large and beautiful exterior. This open space around the house becomes a perfect place to enjoy the view. The greenery accent comes from the grass and also the trees and it makes the house looks awesomely natural.


Pool Deck

Morris Cove 4

The pool deck is small but it is comfortable enough for the family to enjoy the view near the pool. With one small chair and a wooden table, this deck can be another best place outside the house. The wood material on the deck floor and the ceiling add the natural look of the house.



Morris Cove 3

The kitchen is quite simple with some wooden furniture. The combination of wood color and black color makes the interior is not only natural but also cool. The kitchen interior is also supported by the wooden floor that has the same style with the furniture.


Second Floor

Morris Cove 2

The second floor is full of the wood material used for the decoration. This floor is also designed with some of the large glass walls with black wood frames. The beautiful lighting makes the high ceiling looks beautiful.


Living Room

Morris Cove 1

The living room will be another cozy space for this family. With the fireplace and the clear view through the glass wall, everyone will enjoy their time together nicely. The wooden floor will make this living room feels warmer.

Via blazemakoid-architecture

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