7 Stunning Kids Playground Designs

Heathfield Primary School 5

The best kids’ playground designs are the design that can create a playground with a lot of opportunities for the kids to play in multiple different times. When it comes to perfect timing to design a playground for them, you need to consider a safe place where they can hide, run, and crawl. Here are some stunning kids’ playground designs that can you choose for the kids.

1. An Interior Refurbishment in Kindergarten by Atelier Starzak Strebicki

Refurbishment Of An Interior In Kindergarten Nr 87 4

These projects are interior refurbishment of three kindergartens designed by Atelier Starzak Strebicki. The first refurbishment is Kindergarten nr 42 “Kwiaty Polskie” for its two classrooms. The second refurbishment is the room interior of Kindergarten nr 46. The last one is Kindergarten nr 87, the refurbishment project that completed with furniture made of plywood.


2. TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten by KIENTRUC O

TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten 1

This kindergarten is designed as a modern kindergarten. TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten sits on a sloping hill and it offers a large multi-purpose hall with spaces called “the hill”. These spaces are used as classrooms linked by a large multi-purpose hall, a central component of the kindergarten, allowing various educational activities for the children.


3. TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten by KIENTRUC O

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten 21

The playful architecture of the building of TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten can express its unique character. This kindergarten is designed with a random window arrangement that ensures each classroom gets adequate natural daylight and ventilation. The direct sunlight is prevented by the help of extended windowsill from coming into the interior.


4. AKZ Nursery School by Architizer

AKZ Nursery School 1

Located in Tokyo, Japan, AKZ Nursery School is designed with an urban style and deep relations to the community. This deeper relation can connect the children and their parents. The interior o this kindergarten is full of soft color, beautified with the use of wooden materials for the furniture and the room floor.


5. Heathfield Primary School by Holmes Miller Architect

Heathfield Primary School 5

Designed by Holmes Miller Architect, Heathfield Primary School has a modern and also contemporary architecture with a simple form. This kindergarten delivers elegant, crisp, and clean lines, complementing the original Victorian school. The design can create a relationship for the resulting palette of the materials, volumes, and the original school building.


6. SM Nursery

SM Nursery 3

SM Nursery has a small forest inside it which is made with a varied garden. The design of this nursery building is all about nature that can create a natural environment that is fresh and cool. It uses natural materials for its small forest that smells good and feels nice to touch by the kids.


7. SJ Nursery

SJ Nursery 2

This big nursery school has a “FARM” concept that cultivating kid’s sensibility. SJ Nursery has a unique construction that looks like a big cage with concrete walls while the courtyard is the place for a vegetable garden. For the interior, this kindergarten has a warm and comfortable interior designed with wood materials.

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