9 Awesome Swimming Pool Designs

Tepoztlan Lounge 7

One of the best things that you need to have in your backyard is a swimming pool. A swimming pool can be your house oasis, an entertaining area, and even a place to escape from your busy activities. You can swim and enjoy the fresh air or just sit on the edge of the pool to have a better connection with the surrounding nature. If you need more inspirations, here are some awesome swimming pool designs for your house.

1. Commercial Pool by nparchitects

Commercial Pool 1

It is a swimming pool project designed by nparchitects located in Serbia. The idea of Commercial Pool is about designing two big swimming pools in 10 acres size of the site area. The awesome thing about this swimming pool design is not only the pool but also the design around it with complete facilities.


2. HOUSE ON THE CLIFF by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos


This house sits on an abrupt plot of land located in Spain. HOUSE ON THE CLIFF invites people with its concrete structure and smooth white lime stucco. The swimming pool design in this project respects the piece of artwork of the land’s natural contour together with a stairway.


3. Hilltop House by K2LD Architects

Hilltop House 4

Designed by K2LD Architects, this stylish house sits on a steep triangular plot in Singapore. With the house design, the two big volumes and the stunning landscape can be framed easily. Placed on the rear area of Hilltop House, the swimming pool design in this house allows the residents to enjoy the framed landscape easier.


4. St. Kilda Gable End House by MRTN Architects

St. Kilda Gable End House 7

The contemporary interior design in St. Kilda Gable End House is combined with the eighties red brick and its beautiful rear design. In the rear area, there is a small swimming pool with a wooden deck and some greeneries. This swimming pool design is perfect for those who don’t have a big rear area for a swimming pool but still can have one.


5. Greenwich Square by Make Architects

Greenwich Square 5

When you have a big house or a large backyard, a swimming pool design in this new modern civic building can be your best inspiration. Greenwich Square is located in London with civic, leisure, retail, and a mix of residential. It also has a hotel with private and public functions, including a large indoor swimming pool.


6. Casa B by Architrend Architecture

Casa B 6

In this terrace house, the swimming pool design is located on the rooftop of the building. Casa B offers a comfortable swimming pool surrounded by a wooden deck and awesome views of the beautiful coast. From here, the residents can comfortably swim and enjoying the perfect view of the city of St. Julian, Malta.




This big house sits within the metropolis of Madrid, Spain, and also surrounded by gardens with big trees. Just like another big house, ALUMINUM HOUSE also has a big swimming pool design for its residents. This swimming pool is perfect for the afternoon refreshing in summer and beautiful at night when the image of the moon is reflected.


8. Tepoztlan Lounge by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Tepoztlan Lounge 10

As a modern lounge located in Mexico, Tepoztlan Lounge provides a series of bungalows of different sizes and designs that can be rented. Besides the bungalows, there is also a swimming pool and two impressive trees that incorporated within the lounge layout. The swimming pool design in this lounge comes in a unique round form.


9. Khesht-Baf by Image Architects

Khesht Baf 7

For the needs of Iranian life, Khesht-Baf is perfect with its unique design and space. This pre-constructed building also has complete facilities such as a mechanical room, storage room, parking lot, gym, and swimming pool on its two floors. The swimming pool design in this building is absolutely amazing with grid details.

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