Echo House: A Residence and Detached Artist Studio with Three Levels of Volume

Echo House 11

Designed by Aaron Neubert Architects, Echo House is a residence and detached artist studio located in the Elysian Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is a 2019 project about a modern residence which is positioned to get more stunning views. The house volume is also distributed in three levels to organizes the room.


Echo House 1

Echo House 2

Echo House 3

This residence and detached artist studio are positioned to inhabit the adjacent community garden perceptually and also present stunning views of the surrounding hills and downtown skyline. For an addition, this house design also can carve out the introspective landscape for family enjoyment.



Echo House 4

Echo House 5

Echo House 6

This residence has three levels and located at the street level, situated over the utilitarian spaces. The living spaces are located on the multi-level second floor with direct access to the outdoors via the rear terrace and front deck. Accessed by the expressed scissor stair, the third floor consists of bathrooms and bedrooms.



Echo House 7

Echo House 8

Echo House 9

The spatial reverberation and dialogue between the home activities are encouraged by the apertures that strategically placed around the residence studio. The balconies, decks, terraces and the property landscapes are also encouraged by these apertures to provide more comfortable spaces for the householder.


Echo House

Echo House 10

Echo House 11

Echo House 12

Echo House 13

Echo House 14

Echo House 15

Echo House 16

Echo House 17

Echo House 18

Echo House 19

Echo House 20

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