Casa do Cabo: An Environmentally Friendly House with the Predominance of Horizontal Lines

Casa Do Cabo 3

Sits on a hill on the southern coast of Portugal, Casa do Cabo is an environmentally friendly house designed by Kerimov Architects. This 1250 sq. m house is designed with an awesome architecture that is characterized by squatness and the predominance of horizontal lines.


Casa Do Cabo 1

Casa Do Cabo 2

Casa Do Cabo 3

With the predominance of horizontal lines, the architecture of this amazing house can fit into its surrounding environment harmoniously.

There is an underground floor that contains technical rooms and other rooms. An atrium structure on the first floor has interspersed rooms with internal basement gardens while the second floor contains an office and living room with stunning views.



Casa Do Cabo 4

Casa Do Cabo 5

Casa Do Cabo 6

The architect also preserves the maximum privacy of the site. The house is not visible from either side even though it is located outside the dense development. The residents still can have a clear and panoramic view of the landscape and ocean.

It is an environmentally friendly house, designed with the use of locally produced materials such as wood, glass, and concrete so zero carbon emissions can be achieved.



Casa Do Cabo 7

Casa Do Cabo 8

Casa Do Cabo 9

Protruding beyond the facade’s line, the concrete walls set the rhythm and also balance the horizontals’ predominance. These walls also can provide interconnectedness and continuity between the interior and exterior.


Casa Do Cabo 10

Casa Do Cabo 11

Casa Do Cabo 12

The glazing of the house should not exceed 50% of the facade according to the local regulations. Semi-permeability of the architecture, maximum lightness, and panoramic viewpoints can be achieved by the architect despite the limitation.




The roofs of this house are seemingly thin and light, made of local timber that meets the sustainability and stability principles.


Casa do Cabo – Villa in Portugal

Images: Kerimov Architects

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