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Moose Rd: A Prized Vantage Point onto Three Locally Celebrated Landscapes

Mork Ulnes Architects has been completed a unique building in 2011 located in California, USA. Moose Rd is a special project that offering a prized vantage point onto three locally celebrated landscapes. This house building is also built on steel stilts and designed based on standard-sized, off–the–shelf sheet materials.

Laurel Hills Residence: A Single-Story Residence with A Connection between A Natural Landscape and Property

This single-story residence becomes a residential oasis in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Laurel Hills Residence is composed of three pavilions connected by a series of glass hallways with 4,900 SF in size, designed by Assembledge+. The main goal of this project is to allow a living experience, engaging the natural landscape with the property.

Romain St: A Renovation of A 1950’s San Francisco Home with A New Vertical Addition

Completed by Mork Ulnes Architects, Romain St is a renovation project of a typical 1950’s San Francisco home located in San Fransisco, USA. The aim of this renovation is to accommodate two generations of a family. In this two-storey home, a new vertical addition is designed to create some distinct zones.

Triple Barn House: A Two-Story House with Panelized Corten Cladding

The steep topography is used at this Sonoma site as the practical exercise. Triple Barn House is a two-story house that carves out space in the hillside, designed by Mork Ulnes Architects and completed in 2018. Located in California, this house is designed with panelized corten cladding that ties the exterior finish.

20th St: A Modern Residence with An Operable Steel Screen and Sweeping Views

It is a renovation project of a residence located in San Francisco, USA. 20th St is a 2011 project by Mork Ulnes Architects that represents unconventional materials’ capacity while the social functions of the residence are relocated. The hand-drilled, operable steel screen with a double function is added while the sweeping views around the site can be seen easily right from the inside of the residence.

Meier Rd: A Complex of Structures with An Inverted Pitch Roof and Large, Diffuse Skylight

This 2013 project is about a complex of structures located in California. Meier Rd begins with the salvaging of a derelict wooden barn on a rural property in Sebastopol, California. Designed by Mork Ulnes Architects, the inverted pitch roof is combined with a large, diffuse skylight to bring a brighter atmosphere.

15th St: A 1907 San Francisco Victorian’s Attic with A Wood and Glass Framework

Completed by Mork Ulnes Architects in 2017, 15th St is about incorporating a generous space into a 1907 San Francisco Victorian’s attic. This attic needs a significant volumetric intervention, especially to create continuity. A wood and glass framework is also added to the solid walls to complete the space delineation.

El Chalet: An Apartment Building with A Clear Roofline and An Intimacy with the Railroad

Located in Philadelphia, United States, El Chalet is a 2014 project of a 6-unit apartment building by Interface Studio Architects. This project shifts a program to the long edge of a narrow site in East Kensington, along the busy Frankford-Market elevated Blue Line. This apartment has a clear roofline and an intimacy with the near railroad.

Sheridan Street: An Affordable Housing with A Green Space for Sustainable Living

This affordable housing is located in Sheridan Street, Philadelphia, the U.S, designed by Interface Studio Architects. Sheridan Street is a 2011 project that can encourage sustainable living, built as required by the project funding source with a green space and car parking. This housing can support its environment and also urban neighborhoods.

Golden Nugget: The Three-Unit Building with Unique Views and Outdoor Decks

Designed by Interface Studio Architects, Golden Nugget is a 2018 project located in Philadelphia, the U.S. It is a three-unit building that sandwiched between two vacant parcels and occupies a lot of fronting the train line. The building has a facade geometry that provides unique views and outdoor decks with a view of the train.