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Residences Allardhof Buren: Special Apartments with A Village-Like Character

41 special apartments with a village-like character have been designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur in the neighborhood of Buren for the Housing cooperation of Tiel. Residences Allardhof Buren is a 2014 project with 6.700 m² in size. The basic materials from the surrounding neighborhood are used for the structure of this building.

Farm Grubbehoeve Banholt: A Residential Home with High-Quality Sustainable Materials

Designed in collaboration with ZOETMULDER, this existing L-shaped farm is redeveloped into a residential home. Farm Grubbehoeve Banholt is located in the hilly countryside of Limburg with 800 m2 in size. The caree farm’s authentic shape is restored in a contemporary way and high-quality sustainable materials are also used to complete the design. This project is in collaboration with local artisans, locally available materials, and local techniques.

Deltares Delft: A Three-Storey-High Tetra Building with A Small Multi-Purpose Pavilion

This three-storey-high tetra building is a new face of the independent Research Institute Deltares in the Netherlands. It is an institute that focuses on innovative solutions to Delta problems located on an outdated campus designed in the sixties. Deltares Delft is designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur with 6000 m2 in size. A small multi-purpose pavilion is also built adjacent t0 this building. This awesome project is completed in 2013.

Hotel Landgoed Huize Bergen Vught: A Sustainable Hotel Building with A Luxurious Atmosphere

Designed in collaboration with ZOETMULDER, Hotel Landgoed Huize Bergen Vught is completed in 2017. This building is not only sustainable but it also has a strong connection with nature. With 1500 m² in size, Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur also uses a combination of color and material to create a luxurious atmosphere inside this hotel.

OZW VU University Amsterdam: A New Landmark with Softly Shaped Brick Walls

This 2006 project is about the OZW health care and well-being training institute as a new landmark. This landmark is designed for VU University’s architectural landscape. OZW VU University Amsterdam is 20.250 m2 in size and completed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. The softly shaped brick walls are reminiscent of the Amsterdam School that suitable for the nature of the training programs.

The W.I.N.D. House: A Single-Family House with Comprehensive Home Automation System

This house incorporates home automation and integrated sustainable solutions to enable flexible use of space. Located in the north of Holland, the Netherlands, W.I.N.D. House is a single-family house project by UNStudio. Completed in 2014, this house is also designed with a comprehensive home automation system to enable the integrated control of the electrical systems.

ZigZag: A Concrete Split-Level House with A Carefully Detailed Wooden Staircase

On the site of the former livestock and car market in East Utrecht, the Netherlands, a new housing estate has been built. ZigZag is a concrete split-level house that sits on the north side on the site with a beech size of 5.4 meters. This house is a 2019 project by Jasper Smits Architecture and Interior that designed with a carefully detailed wooden staircase.

Loft Sixty-Four: Transformation of A Former Office and Workshop into A Modern Loft

It is a former office and workshop that transformed into a modern loft. Loft Sixty-Four is a 2015 project designed by EVA Architecten and located in the heart of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. For this loft, the client wishes to experience the house as one large space.

House Extension Hertme: A New Volume and A Roof Made of A Profiled Steel Sheet

This existing house is located in Hertme, the Netherlands with 165 m2 in size. House Extension Hertme is a 2016 project designed by EVA Architecten on a plot in a rural area. The architect is asked to design an annex to this house that presents in a quite modestly and color. A new volume is also created, supported by the awesome roof made of a profiled steel sheet.

Bierings House: A Wooden House with Different Shaped Openings in the Roof and Façade

This family house is a residential project designed by Ana Rocha and Michel Tombal. Completed in 2009, Bierings House comes as a wooden house that has different shaped openings in the roof and façade. These openings offer varied daylight experiences for the residents. This project was a finalist of the DUTCH DESIGN AWARDS.