OZW VU University Amsterdam 9

OZW VU University Amsterdam: A New Landmark with Softly Shaped Brick Walls

This 2006 project is about the OZW health care and well-being training institute as a new landmark. This landmark is designed for VU University’s architectural landscape. OZW VU University Amsterdam is 20.250 m2 in size and completed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. The softly shaped brick walls are reminiscent of the Amsterdam School that suitable for the nature of the training programs.

The W I N D House 5

The W.I.N.D. House: A Single-Family House with Comprehensive Home Automation System

This house incorporates home automation and integrated sustainable solutions to enable flexible use of space. Located in the north of Holland, the Netherlands, W.I.N.D. House is a single-family house project by UNStudio. Completed in 2014, this house is also designed with a comprehensive home automation system to enable the integrated control of the electrical systems.

Slim Fit 10

Slim Fit: A Permanent Micro Dwelling with A Smart and Flexible Design

It is a permanent micro dwelling located in Almere, the Netherlands with 50m2 in size. Slim Fit is designed by ANA ROCHA Architecture for urban densification that occupies with its minimal footprint. The use of smart and flexible design can provide many applications. With its compact footprint, this dwelling becomes an ideal home for compacting and filling in the city blocks’ inner areas.

Old School Conversion Ons Dorp 9

Old School Conversion ‘Ons Dorp’: A Conversion of School Building with A Bright and Warm Interior

Designed in 2014 and completed in 2015, Old School Conversion ‘Ons Dorp’ is a 100 m2 project of a school building conversion located in Elisabeth Wolffstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This conversion turns the building into different apartments, designed for a family of five. The combination of materials and elements results in a bright and warm interior.