Loft Sixty-Four: Transformation of A Former Office and Workshop into A Modern Loft

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It is a former office and workshop that transformed into a modern loft. Loft Sixty-Four is a 2015 project designed by EVA Architecten and located in the heart of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. For this loft, the client wishes to experience the house as one large space.


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This former office and workshop have been completely renovated and converted into a loft. The deep of the building is no less than 20 meters and it actually only has a light at the rear and front facade. This condition makes the daylight becomes an important theme for this project.



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Loft Sixty Four 5

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The client wishes to experience this awesome house as one large space. Some voids have been installed for this wish, allowing daylight comes deep into the house easily. These voids offer stunning and exciting views between the functions of the various residential.



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Kitchen appliances, storage, toilets, and bathroom are housed in one large wooden volume. This volume connects the first floor and the ground floor. From the bathroom, people can look into one of the voids and see the blue sky with birds.


Loft Sixty-Four Gallery


Photographer: Sebastian van Damme

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