Pine Flat 6

Pine Flat: A Moderm Apartment with A Large Plarform and Beautiful Veined Patterns of the Wood

Pine Flat is a modern apartment located on the 4th floor of the nineteenth building in Burdeos, France. Designed by A6A, this flat has a little front door that almost stolen with a welcoming corridor. Completed in 2018, this 49 m² flat offers a double dimension spacious and warm with a large platform. The color and roundness of the veined patterns of the wood that harmoniously contrast with other elements can beautify this flat interior.

Sacha 14

Sacha: A Modern Apartment with Double Exposure and Unobstructed Views of Paris

Located in Paris, 15ᵗʰ arrondissement, this modern apartment offers unobstructed views of the city. Sacha is a modern apartment for a young Parisian family, designed as a result of the combination of two identical overlapping apartments. It has double exposure with a soft and natural interior on each floor and room. This apartment is designed by SABO with 1,658 SF / 154 m² in size.

Saint Jacques De La Lande 6

Saint Jacques De La Lande: A New Town Hall Building with An Architectural Gesture and Urban Strategy

Located at Saint-Jacques de la Lande, France with 2550 m² in size, this new town building becomes an ideal opportunity to combine an architectural gesture and an urban strategy. Local Architecture Network (LAN) Paris tries to make this building that can be used as a workspace to provide state services and as a symbolic representation of a community.

Voltaire 13

Voltaire: A Comfortable Apartment in 1920’s Industrial Building with Center Island Addition

Located in Paris, 11ᵗʰ arrondissement, Voltaire is a residential project by SABO with 775 SF / 72 m² in size. This apartment is designed to deliver a comfortable living place in a 1920’s industrial building. The central island’s sole addition is enough especially to define some spaces in this apartment. The rough ceiling makes this apartment is different from other apartments.

Hike 10

Hike: A Paris Apartment with A Multi-Function Thick Wall and Porous Furniture

With 775 SF / 72 m² in size, SABO designs this Paris apartment for a young fashion designer that looking to maximize her space in it. Hike is a residential project located in Montmartre, Paris with several partition removals as a part of the design. The design for this project also includes a multi-function thick wall and porous furniture to get more natural lights.

Saint Mesmes 7

Saint Mesmes: Concrete and White Walls in A Headquarter Building with Simple Structure

A simple structure is added to this headquarter building with a mixed steel/concrete technique. The cantilever is suspended by a steel beam and the central concrete wall can balance the construction. The most interesting architectural details come from those allowing the volumes drawing such as the large areas of glass in the concrete treatment and workspaces facades, and the connection between elevations and the roof.

Bure 17

Bure: Archives Center Building with Stainless Steel Studs into the Earth-Colored Concrete Cladding

This way can give the effect of blurring the building’s limits and also reflecting the changing seasons snd surrounding colors. In terms of energy savings, the envelope works well thanks to the hanging technique of the concrete siding and the used materials. Two layers of concrete are added to the building structure and siding to the insulation.

Marseille 3

Marseille: A Modern Office with U-Shaped Volume and Two Facade Systems

This project follows the two devices corresponding to two facade systems, defined through light, shadow, and reflection. Brushed in aluminum, the first facade offers a very good reflection in the light and its aluminum is appreciated for its durability. The second facade system is the urban window, a screen-printed glass façade with a combination of graphic work and the thermal requirements.