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Quincho BM: Transformation of A Barbeque Area into A Social Area for Daily Life

Located on the outskirts of the city of Cordoba, Quincho BM is a 2020 renovation project by Francisco Figueroa Astrain and Adolfo Mondejar for a family with two children. The barbecue area of an existing house is transformed into a social area for not only daily life but also events.

SC House: A Summer House with A Large Open Space and An Exposed Concrete

It only takes one year for Development Architectural Group to finish the construction of SC House. This summer house is located in the Calamuchita Valley with lake Los Molinos as the main landscape. A large open space is made to bring the lake’s big water mirror inside the house.

JTD House: A House that Dominates Its Privileged Surrounding Landscape

Named based on the owners’ name initial, JTD House is a modern house designed by Castellino Arquitectos. Geographically, this house is located in the Villa del Lago neighborhood in Villa Carlos Paz city. It dominates its privileged surrounding landscape that has a rugged topography.

Vivienda Texturas: A Textural Architecture with Natural Finishes

Roberto Benito Arquitecto has completed a 2020 residential project called Vivienda Texturas. It is a 370 m² house located in Argentina, designed as a cozy gathering place with family and friends. This house reflects a textural architecture while its natural finishes can create interesting expressiveness.