JC House: A Family House with A U-Shaped Plan and Exposed Concrete Slabs

JC House 31

Adolfo Mondejar and Francisco Figueroa Astrain have worked together to complete this 2020 residential project called JC House. Located in Córdoba, Argentina, this family house is designed in a U-shaped plan with exposed concrete slabs composing its structure.


JC House 81

JC House 80

JC House 78

JC House 79

JC House 76

JC House 77

JC House 74

The site of this project is a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. The program of the project is made based on each family member’s characteristics and relationships between them.

The building sits in a plot with a north orientation for the back of it, giving an opportunity for privacy over the street and the house orientation. The U-shaped plan is opened to the east, an orientation that defines the project.



JC House 75

JC House 72

JC House 73

JC House 71

JC House 70

JC House 69

JC House 67

The impregnation of aromatic plants can provide a comfortable spacious area for the occupants while the nighttime areas are on the lateral side of the house.

Even though the living room and kitchen are separated but they still have a similar proportion, related to the inhabitants’ relationships. The patio is the entrance of the house that guarantees a double relation with green in the house interiors.



JC House 68

JC House 66

JC House 64

JC House 65

JC House 63

JC House 62

JC House 61

In the interior, this house can be closed or opened thanks to the mobile double filter of solar shading made of aluminum panels. This filter has a double function over the facade: a closure to the street and a closing structure. It reinforces the relationship with the patio of the interior.



JC House 59

JC House 60

JC House 58

JC House 56

JC House 57

JC House 55

JC House 53

The house structure is composed of exposed concrete slabs, supported by a double wall of black bricks and structural masonry. This structure generates a new chromatic perception in the house’s exterior and interior.

The plain roofs are built-in exposed concrete and composed of different heights due to the fitting of different beams. The U-shaped patio with an independent entrance can be found near a barbeque and social area.



JC House 54

JC House 52

JC House 51

JC House 50

JC House 49

JC House 48

JC House 47

This house tries to get away from the aesthetic of the neighborhood type on the site based on its image and scale, looking for a synthesis of its chromatic and morphologic expression.


JC House Gallery

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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