Vivienda Texturas: A Textural Architecture with Natural Finishes

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Roberto Benito Arquitecto has completed a 2020 residential project called Vivienda Texturas. It is a 370 m² house located in Argentina, designed as a cozy gathering place with family and friends. This house reflects a textural architecture while its natural finishes can create interesting expressiveness.


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With notoriety, this house reflects a textural architecture pursued by the architect. The honesty and nakedness of some natural materials represent the significance given to materiality, making the house able to create a great expressiveness.



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This house consists of opaque perimeter enclosures and exposed concrete walls with different components, giving a geological strata appearance. There is a slab made of precast concrete joists above those walls that form separated blocks.

Expressed as a rusted metal sheet border, there is a large “lid” that volumizes reaching the floor. The voids’ disaggregation and partition provide the house space with an awesome interior or exterior continuity based on the use and privacy.



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The main room has a square in proportion thanks to the metal and glass partitions, some exposed pipes and a smooth cement floor, and also three columns that participate in the large space. In this main room, there are two transparent faces and two opaque ones for books and art.

A common patio links the private rooms while a corner lot allows differentiation of the house’s entrances. For the landscape, the design is made by considering adding native species that can represent the vegetation image in the region.



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It is a cozy house for gathering with family and friends. It is also a house that promotes a peaceful life, allowing for the full potential used as a living place. Designed for the architect and his wife, this house is used for a very active social life because they have a close family.


Vivienda Texturas Gallery

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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