Casa AV: A Family Home with Pure and Clear Forms

Casa AV 6

Completed in 2020 by KARLEN + CLEMENTE Estudio de Arquitectura, Casa AV is a family home designed for a family of five. For the house character, pure and clear forms are achieved by the use of different materials.



Casa AV 11

Casa AV 12

Casa AV 13

Casa AV 7

Casa AV 8

This house sits on a rectangular-shaped land in the town of Rio Tercero and has a large front facing north. The area is an environment in the urbanization process with many large surfaces. On all sides of the land, the building code needs removals in different proportions.



Casa AV 9

Casa AV 10

Casa AV 3

Casa AV 4

Casa AV 5

Close to the south and west faces, the ground floor surrounds the water mirror and embraces the heart of the land. The surrounding environments of the house are organized in an “L” based on the function with one wing for social areas and services while the other for the strip of the bedroom.

A study on the upper floor opens onto the suite with a private bathroom and staircase void. The garage or barbeque completes the project program and closes the house’s horseshoe layout.



Casa AV 6

Casa AV 1

Casa AV 2

The goal of using different materials is to achieve clear and pure forms. It is also about adapting those materials to the conditions needed by the interior.

Thick floated plasters, black ironwork, aluminum glass carpentry, exposed brick masonry, and exposed concrete formwork in slabs are chosen materials due to their low maintenance and timeless feel.


Casa AV Gallery


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