Vivienda En Bruto: A Single-Level House Constructed by Strong, Durable, and Authentic Materials

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Iase Arquitectos recently completed a residential project called Vivienda En Bruto. It is a single-level house located in Malagueño, Córdoba, Argentina. The idea of this project is to create a refuge with only strong, durable, and authentic materials without makeup or color.


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The beginning of each idea in all projects assigned to Iase Arquitectos always comes from the needs of the clients, including this project. Their needs inspire the texture, shape, and function of the project.

The intention of this project is to create a refuge with a different idea, highlighting the house with only strong, durable, and authentic materials without makeup or color.

The union of planes and lines of the project is developed to overcome limits and go further with harmony in details and chosen materials that can give a lot of benefits.



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It is a single-level house with two wings that differentiate between intimate and social activities, linked by a swimming channel that crosses the spaces. They belong to each other in different situations, providing a feeling of diversity, calm, and freshness.

The heights of the interior show the planes’ virtue and the environment’s hierarchy. These planes fly and solve the semi-covered areas that give an opportunity to expand achieving extra surfaces to the usual surfaces.

The bellows between bedrooms are made to solve the new post-pandemic concerns of study or home office, giving a possibility of moving one of its limits by regulating the needed privacy.



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There are three different materials used in this project: wood to provide warmth, steel to solve large cantilevered lights, and concrete as the main material. Those materials are combined to create a refuge with the right balance while vegetation contribution is integrated through large panes of glass.


Vivienda En Bruto Gallery

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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