JTD House: A House that Dominates Its Privileged Surrounding Landscape

JTD House 1

Named based on the owners’ name initial, JTD House is a modern house designed by Castellino Arquitectos. Geographically, this house is located in the Villa del Lago neighborhood in Villa Carlos Paz city. It dominates its privileged surrounding landscape that has a rugged topography.


JTD House 28

JTD House 23

JTD House 24

JTD House 25

JTD House 26

This house sits in a low-density residential neighborhood with rugged topography, designed based on the area possibilities and limitations. The land of the area has a steep slope, standing on the street at the lowest level.

After an altimetric topography study of a high area, the site is chosen for this project with the aim to dominate the privileged surrounding landscape.



JTD House 27

JTD House 19

JTD House 20

JTD House 21

JTD House 22

The chosen place for this project is able to represent a calm area and create a connection between the building, natural surroundings, and exterior expansion.

The main spaces of the house are the suite sector designed for social activities. There is also an intention to enhance the awesome views and preserve the native vegetation on the site.



JTD House 14

JTD House 15

JTD House 16

JTD House 17

JTD House 18

In relation to the site, the proposal of the project is to establish a spatial-material exploration. That’s why two steps of a little more than half a level are created and displaced transversely because of the terrain characteristics.



JTD House 9

JTD House 10

JTD House 11

JTD House 12

JTD House 13

The intention of maintaining the topographic accident as natural as possible becomes the main focused point. There is an HA staircase that leads to the social floor of the house while the first staircase houses the access hall.

An expansion of the social floor can be done by creating a second terrace. This floor is used as a barbeque and gallery area. Instead of topography, visuals are the most important aspect of the design, especially to make the entire mountain range visible from the house.


JTD House Gallery

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

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