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White House: A Unique House Designed as A Regular White and Pure Prism

This unique house sits in a residential area in Argentina where tall buildings require neighborhood approval to be built and are particularly restricted. White House is designed by RTN Arquitectos with 750 m2 in size. Completed in 2012, this house is designed as a regular white and pure prism. The folds of this house also can define its interior and exterior spaces.

El Salvador 2: A Living Place with An Open System and Two Volumes

Located in Palermo neighborhood, El Salvador 2 is a 2019 residential project designed by Estudio Abramzon. The building has two volumes of housing which are implemented, supported on the back and the front of the lot. An open system is also used in this project to generate a central void, capturing more natural light easily.

Acuña: Awesome Apartment Building with Light-Filled, Thoughtfully Designed Homes

It is an awesome apartment building designed around a central open courtyard by Estudio Abramzon. Located in Buenos Aires, Acuña provides residents with light-filled, thoughtfully designed homes. Completed in 2018, this building offers 18 apartments distributed across four-storey volumes. These apartments are linked by the sculptural open-air circulation core.

MF House: A Single-Family Home with Three Specific Premises

Located in a closed neighborhood of City Bell, Argentina, MF House is a single-family home designed by V2 Arquitectos. It sits on a 900 m2 plot with a leafy ash forest. Besides generating for expansion and large visuals, the intention of this project is also to conserve most of the trees in the forest. It is a 2017 project that completed based on three specific premises.

Black House 99: A Single-Family House with the Choice of Noble Materials for Warmer Spaces

Completed in 2019 with 300 m2 in size, Black House 99 is a single-family house designed by V2 Arquitectos. This house is implanted in a closed neighborhood of City Bell, Argentina. In order to provide warmer spaces inside the house, the choice of noble materials is used for this project. These materials also can reduce house maintenance.

Faena Aleph: Redevelopment of the Former Industrial Port with Three Mixed-Use Residential Schemes

It is a 2012 project of the former industrial port district of Puerto Madero that redeveloped by Foster + Partners. Faena Aleph is located close to Buenos Aires’ financial center with a design that shows the life of the city to the waterfront. This redevelopment also creates a new waterside community with a large civic space, comprising a series of three mixed-use residential schemes.

Concrete House with Front Pool by Luciano Kruk

If you love to have a pool in your house, you need to look at this kind of great house by Luciano Kruk. Luciano Kruk is an Argentinian architect who loves to make a cool house with different design and architecture. This time, he has built a cool concrete house in Buenos Aires and the total concrete that he uses almost 142 square meters.