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Saukonrotko: A Sauna Pavilion for Summer Living

PES Architects has successfully transformed a 98 m2 living place located by the open sea which was originally habited by otters before minks took over. Located in Porvoo, Finland, the property offers a sauna area as well as a cozy summer living in between the expansive sea and the nearby forest.

Villa Olivia Unije House: A House with Unique Architecture

This three-story house is built in 1925 with a local style based on Austro-Hungarian building regulations. The complete modernization and renovation in 1998 until 2000 are continued with the garden construction until 2006. From the beginning, in Villa Olivia, Unije House no 2 already gets a lot of attention from an architect and professor named Pekka Salminen.

A Boundary to Boundary Row House in Elsternwick

Bray Construction built a house in Murray Street, Elsternwick, Australia. The location is known for restrictive planning overlays so the firm needed to thoroughly plan the construction. The result s a boundary to boundary row house just like what we are going to see from the takeaways below.

A Cork-Clad Cabin Above A Tidal Salt Marsh

A British architect Lisa Shell was appointed to build a cabin for an artist Marcus Taylor. Located in a salt marsh on England’s east coast, the cabin was built to create a peaceful retreat for when Taylor needs a place to focus on his works. Shell was inspired by oil rigs, Maunsell forts, and a wading bird to bring in the cabin design.

iA_house: Modern and Irregular House in Madrid

Once you see the iA_house, you will get more interested to have a tour inside this house. David Landinez Gonzalez and Monica Gonzalez Rey have built a big modern and irregular house in a residential area. This house is a kind of a longhouse which is made based on the owner’s need. The owner needs a big house with a lot of free spaces along the two streets around the house. That’s why the architects try to make a good orientation for this house using the interior and exterior. Let’s find out more about this modern house.

Hudson Valley: Before and After Mid-Century Home

The mid-century home of Hudson Valley is the 1800-square-foot size of a home in the middle of Hudson Valley. That’s why this home is called by the name of the valley. Once, this awesome property is made in 1962 by Roberta Thrun for her family as the best family place. After some years, the last owner wants to make another beautiful memory in this house. Mehta and Schori from GRT Architects are the main people who in charge to restore the memory of the owner’s family. Both of them make a lot of redesigns in a simple way but gives the best effect on the architecture. Here are before and after pictures of this beautiful home.

Coldwater Canyon Project by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

The Coldwater Canyon is a project in 2016 of Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects. The project is located in Beverly Hills, United States. The partner projects for this cool house are Takashi Yanai and FAIA and then the main project architects are Megan Lawler and AIA. What makes this kind of hillside property is so special? Just like its name, the Coldwater Canyon is a house with a lot of natural accents and oasis atmosphere.