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Furniture for the National Audiovisual Institute (NInA): A Furniture Project with Dominant and Neutral Colors

There are more than forty different models of furniture are designed to beautify this new building: couches, hotel room furniture, wardrobes, kitchen furniture, desks, tables. The furniture is not only answering the needs of NInA employees but also facilitating them and the guests with comfortable furniture as one of the best things that can be provided by the institute.

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5 Awesome Furniture Ideas for Small Living Room

Some people don’t have any idea about their small living room, especially for choosing the right furniture with the limited space. When you have the same problem with them, you need to know more about your small living room first. Each small living room doesn’t have the same type of furniture. It is based on the shape of the room and also the interior design that you want to make. If you don’t know what kind of perfect living room that you need to use, check out these 17 furniture ideas for a small living room.

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5 Top Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

The different size of living room needs a different furniture too. Surely, you can’t put a big furniture into your small living room because it will waste your living room space and also will not give you any free space to move. Your small living room just needs a special furniture which is useful for you. Small living room furniture is not bad if you compare it with the big one. This kind of furniture will make your living room looks cute too. Check out these 16 small living room furniture ideas if you need a help.

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5 Coolest Apartment Furniture Ideas

Choosing furniture for an apartment is a little bit different from home. Sometimes, you need to choose the perfect one which is not wasting your apartment space. But today, you will get easier to design your apartment with furniture because they are many types of furniture special for apartment only. The apartment furniture ideas usually have an interesting design with double function, so it can be the best decoration too for your apartment. Here are 16 apartment furniture ideas to inspire you.

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4 Installation Tips to Get a Super Comfy Porch Swing in Your House

To choose the right porch swing, you will need to consider the materials and design—one that fits the design and color of your house. You might need to do a bit of research on the internet to determine what kind of porch swing that match up with your house design. With so many possibility and porch swing design collection on the internet, you can easily find the perfect porch swing design.
Make sure that you like what you choose. If you want to follow the trends, there is an adirondack swing which is more comfortable than other designs. The angle between the seat and the back is a little bit slanted and provides ultimate comfort. Another design you can choose is the rollback that featuring a rolled seat and backrest rail. This kind of porch swing could be adjusted according to your need for ultimate comfort.

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11 Incredibly Useful Kitchen Organization Tips for Small House

This is more about having a comfortable home, where you and your family can relax. Nobody wants to see a messy kitchen or a chaotic-looking living room. It is one thing to have little kids who love playing around and another to have your teen ones throw a rather wild party.

However, if you can have simple, kitchen organization tips, you will not feel too lazy every time things get turned upside down. In fact, you can also teach everybody at home to do the same. You may be the wife and the mother, but they also live in the same house. It is time to start being more responsible together, not just you.