Versatile and Practical Toys Storage Options at Home

Scattered toys are common yet exasperating view in a house with kids. Toys storage often becomes a problem for parents, especially if they have small houses. If parents plan to buy or remodel a house, storage space must be one of the main considerations. However, even without fancy storage solutions, a regular house offers practical possibilities for storing toys.

Unused Spaces for Toys Storage

A house is full of possible unused spaces that can be utilized as storage space. A bunkbed can be transformed into a storage space, especially if one of the kids no longer need to sleep with his/her sibling in that bunkbed. A raised bed also has potential space for storage underneath. Corner areas, the bottom and top parts of a closet, or under the stair are also ideal places to store toys.

A ceiling space can also be additional storage space. For families with older kids, a ceiling space can be transformed into a playing room. The room can be decorated with the kid’s favorite colors, cartoon characters, or animals.

Decorated Toy Boxes and Baskets

Toy boxes or baskets are common storage solutions, but they can be improved a little. Many stores sell wicker baskets that can create rustic charm in any house. There are also wicker bins with lids, perfect for a neater look. Many of these wicker products have cute or unique shapes, which are perfect as both storage solutions and practical decorations.

Another common storage solution is a decorated box. It can be something simple, like a cardboard box covered with a leftover present wrapper. Many stores sell toy boxes with colorful decorations and lids, perfect for storing toys in an easy way without ruining the interior.

Toy Chest in Square Bench

Multifunction furniture, such as hollowed square bench, is great as toy storage that can blend with interior design. The bench can serve as a seating spot or mini table, but when opened, there is enough space to store various toys. This bench can be padded for safety, or covered with fabric to improve the look.

The bench is also perfect as a timeless decoration and storage space. When the kid gets older, he or she can keep using the bench. The space can be used to store different things.

Large Plastic Buckets

Another easy and cheap toy storage, a plastic bucket holds numerous toys, without looking to conspicuous in a room. Most plastic buckets come in bright colors, so they can be interesting additions in a kid’s bedroom. Many buckets have lids, which are helpful to make the room look neat. The sizes can be chosen based on the numbers of toys and the kid’s size.

Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets can double as toy storage space. New families with a small kid can buy several baskets with bargain prices, and use one of them as toy storage space. However, the laundry basket may be too big for a family with just one kid. Nevertheless, it is a practical storage solution that does not require expensive purchase.

A house is full of potential places and objects that can serve as toys storage. Keeping the toys well-organized will create a neat, relaxing house, and teach the kids to be more responsible.

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