5 Top Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

You can’t use any large furniture when you have a small living room but it doesn’t mean you can’t design your small living room awesomely. A small living room needs special furniture where it can be used as functions as possible and not wasting more space. If you need more ideas, check out these top small living room furniture ideas.


1. Pyrmont Apartment by Arent & Pyke

Pyrmont Apartment 15

The small living room in Pyrmont Apartment uses contemporary furniture to create a contemporary interior design. This beautiful room has a black wooden table in the middle, two yellow chairs, a patterned sofa, and also a leather chair.

Photography: Tom Ferguso


2. Lighthouse Apartment by Arent & Pyke

Lighthouse Apartment 11

The modern interior in this small living room is completed with beautiful details from its furniture. Lighthouse Apartment uses living room furniture that comes in different colors. In order to create a warmer atmosphere, a large rug is also used for the room floor.

Photography: Arent & Pyke


3. Bellevue Hill House by Arent & Pyke

Bellevue Hill House 2

This family home has an amazing small living room decorated in different colors and patterns. Bellevue Hill House uses a white sofa, a green sofa, two comfortable chairs, and a black wooden table to design its small living room. The furniture is also completed with a warm patterned rug.

Photography: Arent & Pyke


4. Slipway House by Arent & Pyke

Slipway House 14

The highly contemporary interior design of Slipway House is supported by the small living room furniture inside. This living room uses a grey sofa, two chairs, and also a unique shape of a wooden table placed in the middle.

Photography: Arent & Pyke


5. Curatorial House by Arent & Pyke and Architect Luke Money

Curatorial House 16

The small living room in Curatorial House has simple furniture used to beautify its space. There are two chairs that come in different shapes and colors. A round table is placed in the middle with a warm rug covers the floor below it.

Photography: Arent & Pyke