FIT Furniture Collection: The First Collection of Minimalist Furniture by Ronen Kadushin

FIT Furniture Collection 35

The slogan of FIT Furniture is “Inspire your home”, a focus of its furniture’s design. It is the first collection of minimalist furniture designed by Ronen Kadushin, an Israeli designer, design educator and creativity expert from Berlin. FIT Furniture Collection offers shelves consoles and sideboards which are flat packed, made to order, and also affordable.


Fit Furniture 1

Fit Furniture 2

Fit Furniture 3

A unique thing about FIT Furniture Collection is its design. No glue, screws, and tools are needed to make this awesome furniture collection. It is made of precision cut birch plywood entirely that easy to disassemble and assemble many times. With a compelling sculptural presence, the vision of FIT Furniture Collection comes in three furniture families which are simple, clever, and also expressive.



Fit Furniture 4

Fit Furniture 5

Fit Furniture 6

The design of the FIT Furniture Collection is produced with the customer idea. The collection is made in an easy way only within 4 weeks from the ordering and will arrive at the customer home in a flat packed. With a simple, fast, and no tools needed design, the furniture is easily disassembled and reassembled when the customer moves to a new place.



Fit Furniture 7

Fit Furniture 8

Fit Furniture 9

FIT Furniture Collection is always ready for every customer special order. The simple design of the furniture makes the modifications affordable and also possible with different materials, veneers, finishes, or laminates. FIT also offers a reduced price “No Finish” option for all Makers and DIYers. The designs of FIT will be published on the website of the designer soon and it is free to download with Creative Commons license.



Fit Furniture 10

Fit Furniture 11

Fit Furniture 12

Fit Furniture 13

This furniture collection also will add a sculptural highlight to each customer home or office. The minimalist design can fit together to create a compelling ambiance, dynamic shapes, and visual rhythms in tune with the function. With the creative work from Ronen Kadushin, the FIT Furniture comes in clever, simple, and expressive design.


Ronen Kadushin’s Creative Work

Ronen Kadushin 1

Ronen Kadushin 2

Ronen Kadushin 3

Ronen Kadushin 4

Ronen Kadushin 5

Ronen Kadushin 6

Ronen Kadushin 7

Ronen Kadushin 8

Ronen Kadushin 9

Ronen Kadushin 10

Ronen Kadushin 11

Ronen Kadushin 12

Ronen Kadushin 13

Ronen Kadushin 14

Ronen Kadushin 15

Ronen Kadushin 16

Ronen Kadushin 17

Ronen Kadushin 18

Ronen Kadushin 19

Ronen Kadushin 20

Ronen Kadushin 21

Ronen Kadushin 22

Ronen Kadushin 23

Ronen Kadushin 24

Ronen Kadushin 25

Ronen Kadushin 26

Ronen Kadushin 27

Ronen Kadushin 28

Ronen Kadushin 29

Ronen Kadushin 30

Ronen Kadushin 31

Ronen Kadushin 32

Ronen Kadushin 33

Ronen Kadushin 34

Ronen Kadushin 35

Ronen Kadushin 36

Ronen Kadushin 37

Ronen Kadushin 38

Ronen Kadushin 39

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