How To Get Started Making Your Own Simple Furniture?

How To Get Started Making Your Own Simple Furniture

Do you want to add some furniture to your home? The best way to improve and customize your home is by adding furniture that has been designed and built by you. Imagine the happiness that you will achieve when someone asks, ‘From where have you purchased this furniture’ and you proudly reply by saying, ‘I built it!’

Furniture can change the entire look of a room; however, most of them are extremely expensive and it is difficult to find exactly the same color and style that you have always desired. The only way to solve this problem is by creating your own furniture! Don’t worry; it’s not that difficult and an amateur woodworker can build it effortlessly! All you need is some woodworking tools, patience, and a lot of dedication!

Building your own furniture will not only be pocket-friendly; but also let you select the exact wood, style, and paint that you have been wanting. Your first project may take time to build; but gradually, you will learn the basic carpentry skills and enhance your speed. So, are you ready to make your own simple furniture?

Here Are Some Tips On How To Get Started Making Your Own Simple Furniture:

  • Start With Easy Pieces: You should select and create your first piece of furniture that is extremely easy to build. You can begin by assembling a simple bookcase or building a coffee table from scratch.
  • Tools Shopping: Depending on the piece of furniture that you want to build, you will have to start shopping for appropriate tools. Some important tools that you will need for making your own furniture have been listed below. So, you can go through that list and then begin purchasing.
  • Research Online: There may be several tools that you won’t know how to use. You can solve this problem by researching online and reading several articles, tips, and tricks on woodworking tools. It will be just as easy as you are reading this article.
  • Durable: As you are building it yourself, you will obviously use the best quality wood and paint for your furniture. This will enhance its durability considerably. Real lumber is the most durable material for building furniture and should be your first choice.
  • Long-Lasting: Whenever your furniture gets worn-out or in case you have made a mistake while building it, you will know exactly how to replace it or re-finish it, and that’s a biggest advantage of DIY furniture. This aspect makes your piece of furniture long-lasting forever!
  • Pocket-Friendly: Building your own furniture is certainly going to be inexpensive as compared to a store bought furniture. The reason is that you can buy tools and other materials from discounted stores. You can also consider up-cycling materials and using scrap wood for creating your piece of furniture. Moreover, the investment that you make in buying tools is going to be a one-time expense.

Listed Below Are Some Important Tools That You Will Need To Build Your Own Furniture:

Hammer And Screwdrivers:

A hammer will be useful for driving a nail and a screwdriver will be helpful for driving a screw. So, you will require both these tools in making your new piece of furniture. You need to make use of nails in situations where shear strength is important. Screws provide excellent holding capability, and can be a perfect choice for firmly holding wood pieces together.

Orbital Sander:

An orbital sander is an electric tool that uses circular motion for sanding. It is mainly used to smooth surfaces of the furniture by abrasion with sandpaper. The best orbital sander is a hand-held tool that vibrates in small circles and is a reasonably priced, efficient, and easy-to-use tool. When you strip furniture, you need to sand it lightly so that you can give it a smooth surface before painting.

Wood Filler:

The easiest way to cover up nail holes, scratches, or dings in the furniture are by making use of wood filler. Before providing a finishing touch to your furniture, you should fill in imperfections with the wood filler, which is mainly composed of wood dust.

Drilling Machine And Drill Bits:

To cut wood cleanly and accurately, you will require a drilling machine as well as different types of bits. There are numerous kinds of bits that have been made like brad-point bit, twist bits, forstner bits, etc. You need to use specific bits for each woodworking job so ensure that you research well on them.

Final Word:

As you have read, making your own piece of furniture is not a difficult task. A bit of research and dedication will let you build your own tables and chairs in no time! You will not only save a considerable amount of money by building your own furniture but would even be proud of the end product. Have fun while showing your carpentry skills!

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