5 Awesome Furniture Ideas for Small Living Room

Macmasters Beach House 1

For your small living room, it may be difficult to choose the best furniture. Due to the small size, this living room needs special furniture too, especially to avoid wasting more space. You can start using the size of your small living room then considering essential furniture needed for this room. Need more ideas? Below are some awesome furniture ideas for a small living room to inspire you.


1. Double Bay House by Arent & Pyke

Double Bay House 12

The minimalist interior of this family of five uses minimalist furniture too for its room, including its small living room. Double Bay House uses two small white sofas, two unique wooden chairs, and also a small round table in the middle of them. The beautiful rug is also added to create a pretty appearance.

Photographer: Felix Forest


2. New York Apartment by Arent & Pyke

New York Apartment 8

The furniture idea for a small living room in the New York Apartment utilizes simple furniture to fill its space. There is one pretty sofa, a leather chair, and also an orange chair. In order to create an attractive appearance, a patterned rug is also used in this room.

Photography: Arent & Pyke


3. Harrison Urby by Minno & Wasko Architects

Harrison Urby 3

These rental apartments offer a colorful and bright small living room. The small living room in Harrison Urby uses a grey sofa and a comfortable chair for the corner of the room. Some pots of plants are also placed in this room to create a fresh atmosphere.

Photography: concrete amsterdam


4. Macmasters Beach House by Arent & Pyke

Macmasters Beach House 1

The small living room in this beach house looks pretty with the seating area arranged in white. Macmasters Beach House also uses two wooden chairs to fill in this room and completed with a warm blue rug as well.

Photography: Arent & Pyke


5. Portland Hilltop Interiors by Olson Kundig

Portland Hilltop Interiors 3

In order to create an elegant interior in Portland Hilltop Interiors, a grey sofa and a simple wooden table are used to design the small living room. There is also a white chair near the glazed wall of the room as additional furniture.

Photography: Olson Kundig

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