Voice Fundamental Furniture: Long-Lasting and Accessible Furniture Collection

Voice Fundamental Furniture 2

Voice is a Swedish furniture brand has an awesome furniture collection which is long-lasting and also accessible for a modern home. This furniture collection is designed based on the fashion basic concept, especially for a modern home need. The main designer is Mattias Stenberg. He said that Voice collection is made to last with the best aesthetically and functionally.

High-Level Detail

Voice Fundamental Furniture 1

Mattias Stenberg tries to make a furniture collection form in high-level of detail. The detail includes the tactility, colors, and also proportions of the furniture. The visual look of Voice furniture is low-key but it is also inviting and warm.


Five Products

Voice Fundamental Furniture 2

Mattias Stenberg designed five products for this brand. For example, an upholstered daybed which is transformed into a modern sofa. Another product is a stool with a simple form and minimalist detail. Those products come in very natural design.

Voice Fundamental Furniture 3

A stackable American ash storage that he designed is inspired by a 1960s cabinet in American ash veneer. He also designed a matching sideboard that can be used to make a room divider or a shelf in a modern room.

Voice Fundamental Furniture 6


Wall Mounted Shelf System

Voice Fundamental Furniture 7

The designer doesn’t work alone for Voice furniture collection. Cate&Nelson’s contributes to design a wall mounted shelf system which is easy to be screwed with the best American ash material. This shelf is a soft design of Scandinavian style.


Tre Shelf

Voice Fundamental Furniture 4

Mattias Stenberg also works with Nina Jobs who designs a transparent and stand-alone shelf called Tre. This shelf has an American ash frame with lacquered metal. The design makes this shelf is stronger and also having an awesome lightness impression.


About Voice

Voice Fundamental Furniture 5

Voice is founded originally in 1997 by Anders Magnusson and Rolf Fransson. They create a furniture by buying the components from suppliers then designing it in their own factory. Today, this brand works with some selected suppliers which are chosen based on their awesome skill.

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