4 Installation Tips to Get a Super Comfy Porch Swing in Your House

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Having porch swing in your home will provide you a great place to talk with your family, read a book, or simply enjoy a peaceful afternoon after work. Almost everyone loves sitting in the porch swing and feels the gentle breeze and peace. As a part of American tradition, almost every home in America is built with porch swing, bench-like pieces of furniture hanging on thick chains.

While there are many ways to remodeling your home, adding a porch swing to your home is the best way to provide a space to relax. You can purchase porch swing and install them easily, or you can simply build your own porch swing using wood and simple tools. As for the design, you can simply look for the right style from the porch swing design collection on the internet.

And today I will provide you tips and anything you need to know about porch swing.

1. Where to start?

To choose the right porch swing, you will need to consider the materials and design—one that fits the design and color of your house. You might need to do a bit of research on the internet to determine what kind of porch swing that match up with your house design. With so many possibilities and porch swing design collections on the internet, you can easily find the perfect porch swing design.

2. Consideration

Don’t forget to consider the size of your porch, your house style, and color. But mostly you need to consider your lifestyle. A good porch swing should be able to fulfill your need, having nice comfortable cushions that allow you to take rest and take a nap in it. You may also choose individual porch swings if you live alone and do not expect any company.

3. Location

The location of porch swings can be adapted to your needs. However, it is essential to place the porch swing with strong support. If you prefer to bring your swing into your garden, you might need to install A-Frame supports and provide awning for shade. With A-Frame supports, you can easily move them around the garden and place them according to your needs.

4. Design

Make sure that you like what you choose. If you want to follow the trends, there is an Adirondack swing that is more comfortable than other designs. The angle between the seat and the back is a little bit slanted and provides ultimate comfort. Another design you can choose is the rollback that featuring a rolled seat and backrest rail. This kind of porch swing could be adjusted according to your need for ultimate comfort.

Now, here are the things you need to do to build your own porch swings from scratch!

1. Designing your own porch swing

You can make your own porch swing by designing by yourself. You can adjust the design according to your need and preference from scratch. However, you can also simply modify existing the porch swing and then adjust the design according to your need. You can browse ideas from the porch swing design collection on the internet.

2. Choosing material

You can choose material for your own porch swings. However, the easiest material to use is wood, although cedar, redwood, and soft pine are not recommended. These woods can be easily damaged, and won’t be able to hold screws as good as denser woods. The recommended woods for porch swings are poplar, white oak, and maple.

3. Cut the material and assemble the swings

You will need to cut the materials into pieces then assemble them as temporary bench before you put them as a porch swing. Cut according to your design and put them together using glue and bolt. Ensure that the bench is sturdy enough. Use heavy-duty construction adhesive and bolt that allow you to put the material together. Then, build porch support beams that are capable to hold more than 400lbs. Don’t forget to get swing-chains that are capable to hold the weight of porch swings.

After all those steps are completed. You now have everything you need to make the porch swings. Here are what to do next.

1. Measuring the porch swing

Before you begin, make sure to measure the porch swing, especially when you are placing your porch swing next to your house. Make sure to spare 2 ½ feet from walls and railings for swinging. Then, you will need to place the bolts or hooks at least 1 to 2 inches outward from swinging. This way, you will be able to place the porch swing properly and let it swing seamlessly.

2. Prepare the support beam

You will need to drill holes in the support beams, then screw bolts or large hooks for swing chains. After that, you will need to prepare the swing chains and adjust the length according to the height of the support beams. And finally, you can attach the eye bolts to the chains in the front and back of the arms of porch swings.

3. Adjust the porch swings

Adjust the swing chains, place the swings, and ensure that your porch swings can swing easily unobstructed. Try the porch swings and make some adjustments before you fix the swing chains.

Using these tips and guide, you will be able to place your own porch swing and make your home looks more comfortable and homey. Don’t forget to check the safety of the porch swing and clean them occasionally using a wet cloth. Also remember, your swing chains need to be oiled routinely, so your porch swing won’t squeak when you swing.

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