Recall Casa: The Residential of A Couple with Industrial Style and Vintage Interior Design

Recall Casa 10

This residential of a couple looks like a loft cafe with the vintage camera, gramophone record, and an old movie poster. Recall Casa has a vintage interior design with a combination of industrial style located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The couple lives with three cats and also a lot of awesome collection. That’s why HAO DESIGN also create some special designs for the cats.


Recall Casa 1

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Recall Casa 4

The vintage interior comes from some cool stuff such as a vintage telephone, leather dining chairs, pipes dining table and shelves, vintage train station which are combined. While the industrial style is shown with the hollowed-out iron panel in the entryway.



Recall Casa 5

Recall Casa 6

Recall Casa 7

Recall Casa 8

The dining room looks like a loft cafe with a lot of vintage elements in it. The kitchen has an industrial touch with a wine storage made by a steel reinforcing bar. There is also an adorable nook for the three cats and a mini arched-door.



Recall Casa 9

Recall Casa 10

Recall Casa 11

Recall Casa 12

HAO DESIGN uses some different materials to create the vintage interior in Recall Casa. The new wall has been changed into a rough and original concrete. They also change the bright new marble with a concrete floor, reversing the space atmosphere fully.



Recall Casa 13

Recall Casa 14

Recall Casa 15

Recall Casa 16

One large area in this house consists of dining room, kitchen, and also a living room. Behind the iron panel in the entryway, there is a comfortable and individual space for the couple. And for the living room decoration, the slide case is placed behind the plywood to display the antique gramophone records.



Recall Casa 17

Recall Casa 18

Recall Casa 19

Recall Casa 20

In the dining room, the wooden table is designed with a frame and legs made from pipes. The designer also uses small pipes to create unique bookshelves on the wall.  The big blue is used to create a balance interior design with the wall that has the same color behind the wooden racks.

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