Gentle Heart of Steel: A Family Residence with Industrial Interior and Colorless Gray Style

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Gentle Heart of Steel is a family residence project located in Xiaogang, Kaohsiung. The industrial interior design with a colorless gray style is designed by HAO DESIGN for a couple with one daughter. The whole design of Gentle Heart of Steel is a combination of the husband interest in metallic pieces with the wife’s hope of a bright and simplistic Japanese style.


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After some discussions, the design result comes with an industrial interior with a colorless gray industrial undertone. The wall is designed with a Lotos cement wall surface to make the gray and black base. The bright Japanese style is presented with a wood colored furniture and natural solid oak veneer.



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The main concern for the layout is about the visual and openness penetrability for allowing the natural light outside the house to enter the interior. The use of a sliding door in a multi-functional Japanese- styled chamber also creates a flexible way to connect the chamber layout with the living room.



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The industrial design in Gentle Heart of Steel is made as simple as possible. This simplistic design is realized with an idea to use stainless steel boards on the storage. It is also the same with the closets which are removed from the master bedroom and replaced with a separate closet. Some spaces are saved and can give cleaner visual effect to the house.



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The industrial interior is characterized by the use of some materials. HAO DESIGN uses some metallic pieces with the exposed pipes on the house ceiling. The metal elements and stainless steel holed plating are also used together with the white wood grain cement boards, creating a bright Japanese style.



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The industrial elements are chosen carefully, especially the furniture. With craftsmanship, materials, silhouette, and colors, the style and functions in every room can be improved well. Just like in the living room, the designer chooses a table from Modernica collection and Case Study® Daybed pull-out bed.



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The elegance of Japanese design is shown with the 1.5-inch wooden frame. The concrete and recycled pine wood are used to make the RH dining table, creating a textures contrast. The western and eastern elements can be seen in the Danish classic Y-Chair, adding classic undertones with a modern look.

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The lamp comes from Tonone’s BOLT collection, it is an aluminum and steel hanging lamp. This lamp consists of six arms with adjustable angles, offering a beauty of mechanic and technology. Other types of industrial furniture are also used to create industrial tones and spatial dialog inside this home.

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