5+ Creative Ideas to Implement Maps into Interior

Hall with map
Hall with map

Maps are a universal decoration. They are perfectly in line with modern trends in multifunctionality, according to which one thing should carry both practical and aesthetic value. If it seems to you that world or country maps are fit only for offices and study rooms, then this article will prove you wrong.

1. Wooden Art Object

Among all the materials from which the decor is made, wood is perhaps one of the coziest and most beautiful. Since different tree species have various colors and textures, products made of them are incredibly unique. So why don’t you decorate your room with a big world or USA wood map? Depending on the color scheme of your place, you can choose any shade, add lighting, and mark the cities you have already visited with colored pins. This art object will fit perfectly into any interior. You can not only admire it but also study geography with it.

2. Wallpapers

When it comes to photo wallpapers, many people imagine peaceful landscapes. However, they can also show maps of the world, country, or even your city. If you wish, you can print ancient or medieval versions. And if you are a creative person, you can make your own map. Involve your family in this activity and add freehand drawings and photographs from your personal archive. Order a mural from a company that prints photo wallpapers when everything is ready.

3. Posters

If you do not plan to make a global renovation and glue photo wallpapers on the entire wall, framed posters will be a great option. It may be a reproduction of an old map or its modern analog in an unusual design. For example, some creators make triptychs from maps: they cut them into three parts and insert them into separate frames. If your family has people from different cities or even countries, you can show their unity with such decor.

4. Curtains

Few people know, but making custom curtains with any map is as easy as photo wallpaper. Besides, ready-made options can be found in stores. You can get bright models that will become accent elements in the interior or choose muted shades. Looking for an even more affordable option? Then attach a paper map to regular roller shades. Such decor has a functional value — protecting you from the sun — and aesthetic. If you want to change the interior, just replace the curtains with any other with more neutral images.

5. Screens

Maps can be introduced into the interior with the help of screens. If you have a large room in which there are several zones, for example, work and rest, then with the use of a screen, you can visually separate them. You can choose paper or fabric options. If your room is furnished in a vintage style, you can find a matching screen design featuring vintage maps and ocean shipping routes.

Stay Creative

Maps of the world, countries, cities, and even districts can be harmoniously fit into any interior. Apart from the above options, you can also place a map on:

  • your ceiling;
  • bathroom tiles;
  • furniture;
  • backsplash;
  • pillows;
  • bedspreads, and more.

The main thing is to turn on the fantasy. What tips can you give for decorating rooms with maps?

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