5 Dreamy Bedroom Ideas with Glamour Designs

Moscow Evenings 7

The easiest way to bring a glamour design to your bedroom is by decorating it with drapes, curtains, and also luxury furniture. If you want to create a more modern glamour design, then using luxurious elements is enough. Don’t forget to use patterns as well to highlight your bedroom.

If you need more ideas, we have been gathered 5 dreamy bedroom ideas with glamour designs that you will love.

1. Apartment Sch by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Apartment Sch 4

The luxury interior of this stylish apartment can be seen in its bedroom. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, Apartment Sch has a dreamy bedroom idea with glamour designs that highlight the use of a glass wall to separate the room area. The bed itself is decorated with a beautiful pattern while the room wall has a lot of artistic paintings.

Photographer: Zooey Braun


2. Paradiso by Tao Architecture

Paradiso 3

This suburban paradise has a dreamy bedroom idea with glamour designs that are perfect for those who love a simple modern look. The bedroom in Paradiso by Tao Architecture is decorated with green elements that come from the beautiful patterned rug, curtains, and also the bed.

Photography: Tao Architecture


3. De Waterkant South Africa by ARRCC

De Waterkant South Africa 2

The highlight of the dreamy bedroom idea with glamour designs in this bedroom is the line patterns on the wall behind the bed. De Waterkant South Africa by ARRCC is a duplex apartment that has a comfortable bedroom with the use of a high design combination.

Photography: ARRCC


4. Shades of Grey by China Eagle Group

'Shades Of Grey' 5

The modern interior in this apartment comes with a dark grey theme which is perfect for a dreamy bedroom idea with glamour designs. Shades of Grey by China Eagle Group uses dark grey as the main color to beautify the bed and the wall behind the bed.

Photographer: Sui Sicong


5. Moscow Evenings by Kerimov Architect

Moscow Evenings 11

In order to create a glamour design, make sure that you also take advantage of your bedroom space as much as possible. A dreamy bedroom idea with glamour designs in Moscow Evenings has a dressing table that is placed next to the bed. The mirror, the table, and the chair can add a glamorous look to this bedroom.

Photographer: Sergey Ananiev

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