10 Popular Modern Minimalist Living Room Interior Designs that Perfect for City Dweller

Apartamento Itaim 15

A minimalist living room doesn’t mean you can’t make it awesome. Its minimalist design becomes a challenge for city dwellers to have a comfortable room in their homes. A minimalist living room will be perfect to have a modern design.

Here are 10 popular modern minimalist living room interior designs that are perfect for a city dweller.

1. Leslie Lane Residence by Assembledge+

Leslie Lane Residence 7

The modern minimalist living room interior design in Leslie Lane Residence is dominated by white. Designed by Assembledge+, this room has some white chairs, a white table, and also a white rug. In order to create a decorated look in the middle of this “white”, an orange sofa is the highlight of the room.

Photographer: Michael Weschler


2. Makio House by Fabian Tan Architect

Makio House 19

In Makio House, the modern minimalist living room interior design is all about going bright and neutral. Designed by Fabian Tan Architect, this living room is filled with wooden furniture. The wall, floor, and even the ceiling are in white, creating a bright effect to the interior of the room.

Photographer: Ceavs Chua


3. VILLA UYUNI by Young H Design


It is a single-family house that has a modern minimalist living room interior design with a luxurious style. Designed by Young H Design, VILLA UYUNI has a bright living room with a white sofa and a white chair. In the middle, there is a marbling table that looks perfect with the marbling floor.

Photography: Young H Design


4. Menchuks Apartment by Hrystia Koliasa Architecture

Menchuks Apartment 20

If you want to have an awesome modern living room with a little touch of industrial style, you can take a look at a modern minimalist living room interior design in this apartment. In Menchuks Apartment, the living room is beautified by the wooden floor and concrete wall. The white wall is used as a screen to watch a movie.

Photographer: Andy Shustykevych


5. F12 Apartment by DA Design & Architecture

F12 Apartment 12

Design by DA Design & Architecture, F12 Apartment has a modern minimalist living room interior design with a strong interior. This strong vibe comes from the combination of black and grey from the furniture of the room, even the window curtain.

Photography: DA Design & Architecture


6. Dom Sokolow by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Dom Sokolow 19

The modern minimalist living room interior design in Dom Sokolow is decorated with some elements that have bright colors. Designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury, this living room has a blue sofa and a blue chair. For the floor decoration, a colorful rug is placed right below the table.

Photographer: TOMASZ BORUCKI


7. Light and Blue by Tobi Architects

Light And Blue 8

A modern and bright design in Light and Blue is all about creating a bright room decorated in blue. Designed by Tobi Architects, the modern minimalist living room interior design in this house is realized by the blue sofa and two blue stools. The light comes from the small white kitchen and the walls.

Photography: Tobi Architects


8. Apartamento Itaim by Tria Arquitetura

Apartamento Itaim 15

This minimalist apartment has a bright atmosphere and also wood elements that can be found in its living room. These are used to support the modern minimalist living room interior design in Apartamento Itaim. The wood elements are the wooden furniture while the bright effect comes from the white wall and curtain.

Photography: Tria Arquitetura


9. JPS Apartment by Studio AG Architecture

JPS Apartment 4

Designed by Studio AG Architecture, JPS Apartment has a modern minimalist living room interior design that is realized in grey. There are some grey elements used to design this living room, such as a grey sofa, a grey rug, and grey chairs. The spectacular view also can be seen from this room.

Photographer: Ricardo Bassetti


10. TLV Apartment 5 by Studio Perri Interior Design

TLV Apartment 5 3

It is a modern urban apartment with a modern minimalist living room interior design in its living room. TLV Apartment 5 has an inviting living room decorated with vines. The grey rug matches well with the grey sofa while the black frame of the glazed door behind the sofa has the same theme as the lights on the ceiling.

Photography: 181 Deg.- Gideon Levin

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