10 Landscaping Ideas for A Low-Maintenance Backyard

2 Courtyard House 8

Besides maintaining your house, you also need to maintain your house’s backyard. A backyard becomes one of the most important exterior areas of your house where you can enjoy the view and nature outside, so maintaining it as well as possible is a must.

Here are 10 landscaping ideas for a low-maintenance backyard to save your time and energy.

1. Hill House by Austin Maynard Architects

Hill House 47

The first landscaping idea for a low-maintenance backyard that you can get from Hill House is by using one or two plants only. Designed by Austin Maynard Architects, a new hill is added to this house’s backyard which also becomes a solution for the constraints.

Photographer: Nic Granleese


2. Villa C by Juma Architects

Villa C 12

Designed by Juma Architects, Villa C is a new house with a large backyard. The landscaping idea for a low-maintenance backyard in this house is about creating cozy seating and adding a pool. There is no plant in this backyard, only a lawn.

Photographer: Annick Vernimmen


3. 2 Courtyard House by Robertson Design

2 Courtyard House 8

This simple house is designed by Robertson Design and it has a simple backyard as well. The landscaping idea for a low-maintenance backyard in 2 Courtyard House is about the use of an atypical site plan with dual courtyards to replace the suburban backyard which looks traditional.

Photography: J.R. Woody Photography & Jack Thompson


4. Black House 99 by V2 Arquitectos

Black House 99 7

It is a single-family house designed by V2 Arquitectos located in Argentina. Black House 99 has a large backyard with a large swimming pool. With a lawn and no plants, it is easy to maintain this kind of backyard. A dining room is also linked to this backyard.

PhotographerAlejandro Peral


5. The Black House by Berg Design Architecture

The Black House 10

It is a weekend house designed by Berg Design Architecture with a strong sense of calm. A landscaping idea for a low-maintenance backyard in The Black House is about placing some plants on the border between the house porch and the lawn. Without any trees, this backyard looks awesome with its lawn.



6. Creekside by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects and Studio Zerbey Architecture

Creekside 7

This mountain house is designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects and Studio Zerbey Architecture and it has a comfortable backyard. Creekside is a house that sits on a property with a creek running through its protected backyard. Cozy seating is set to enjoy the view of nature.

Photography: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects


7. Stephenson House by Assembledge+

Stephenson House 6

Stephenson House is a modern house designed by Assembledge+. Some different plants are added to this small backyard. The landscaping idea for a low-maintenance backyard by adding plants is about choosing the right plants that require little water and care or plants that can adapt to your local climate.

Photographer: Jennifer Hughes


8. Phelps Residence by Assembledge+

Phelps Residence 5

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard like the backyard in Phelps Residence, then make sure that you choose plants that are pool-friendly. These kinds of plants will not make your pool dirty fastly so you can reduce the maintenance requirements in your backyard.

Photographer: Paul Vu


9. 20th St by Mork Ulnes Architects

20th St 1

Designed by Mork Ulnes Architects, 20th St is a modern residence that has a notably steep backyard. There are many different kinds of plants added to this backyard. If you love to have many different kinds of plants like this, make sure that the plants are little water and care.

Photographer: Bruce Damonte Photography


10. Glassbook House by Sibling Architecture

Glassbook House 10

Designed in a unique way with a glassblock facade, Glassbook House has a simple and small backyard that can inspire you. Designed by Sibling Architecture, a landscaping idea for a low-maintenance backyard in this house is about adding fewer low-maintenance plants and using paver stone to create cozy seating.

Photographer: Katherine Lu

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