5 Outdoor Garage Design Ideas That Are Way Too Cool

Arrankudiaga Unif 10

If you have an outdoor garage in your home, you can add a lot of things to make it looks cool. Besides adding a canopy to protect your car from direct sun, you also can add wall-mounted lighting to highlight your outdoor garage design.

Need more ideas? Here are 5 outdoor garage design ideas that are way too cool for your house.

1. House in Kyoto by Joe Chikamori

House In Kyoto 24

Designed by Joe Chikamori, House in Kyoto has an awesome outdoor garage design idea with a wooden garage canopy. Besides protecting the car from the direct sun, the interesting look that comes from the wood materials can attract everyone’s attention who sees the house.

Photographer: Yosuke Ohtake


2. Splow House by DELUTION

Splow House 2

A small house doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome outdoor garage. Splow House by DELUTION has an outdoor garage design idea with the use of awesome lighting installed on the ceiling. A small garden next to your outdoor garage is also a great idea to create a fresh look.

Photographer: Fernando Gomulya


3. Arrankudiaga Unif by i2G Arquitectos

Arrankudiaga Unif 8

Designed by i2G Arquitectos, Arrankudiaga Unif is a unique house that has an awesome outdoor garage. The outdoor garage design idea in this house is about using the second floor as the garage canopy to protect the car from the direct sun.

Photographer: i2G Arquitectos


4. Knikno House by Fabian Tan Architect

Knikno House Modern Interpretation Of A Barn House 9

Adding a garage fence is also a great outdoor garage design idea to give more privacy just like the outdoor garage in Knikno House by Fabian Tan Architect. This outdoor garage is themed in white and highlighted by a black garage fence.

Photographer: Ceavs Chua


5. House at Niihama by Yamauchi Architects and Associates

House At Niihama 14

If you have a large house, it is your chance to create a large outdoor garage. Besides accomodating more cars, you can also add garage storage or use a part of the garage space for bikes or motorcycles. It is an awesome outdoor garage design idea that is also applied in House at Niihama by Yamauchi Architects and Associates.

Photographer: Kenichi Suzuki

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