10 Romantic Master Bathroom Designs to Help You Designing Your Own

Tafel House 2

Romantic design is all about nature, emotions, imagination, and individual freedom. By using this kind of design in your master bathroom, you can represent your personality and character in your house.

We have gathered 10 romantic master bathroom designs to help you design your own. Check them out!


1. Sullivan’s Island by Basic Projects

Sullivan's Island 10

Designed by Basic Projects, Sullivan’s Island has a romantic master bathroom design with a warm atmosphere. The golden accents come from the faucets, mirror frames, and door handles. In order to bring individual freedom, a beautiful patterned rug is also added to this master bathroom.

Photography: Olivia Rae James


2. Nasledie by Kerimov Architect

Nasledie 17

The romantic master bathroom design in Nasledie is combined with a modern style. Designed by Kerimov Architect, this bathroom has a natural look that comes from its warm colors and wood elements. A big mirror is also installed to create a spacious feeling.

Photography: Dmitry Chebanenk


3. Surprising Seclusion by HYLA Architects

Surprising Seclusion 3

This terrace house has a romantic master bathroom design with a play of materials and textures. Designed by HYLA Architect, Surprising Seclusion uses different tiles to design its master bathroom interior. There is also a big tub and a wooden bench inside the bathroom.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell, HYLA Architects


4. Link Farm House by Slade Architecture

Link Farm House 25

This modern private home has a comfortable master bathroom that is dominated by wood materials. Designed by Slade Architecture, Link Farm House uses wood material to design its floor, wall, and even the tub area.

Photographer: Tom Sibley


5. Solid Light by HYLA Architects

Solid Light 1

The idea of using one main color for a romantic master bathroom design is also awesome. In Solid Light, the use of grey tiles dominates the entire interior surfaces of the room including the floor and wall. Designed by HYLA Architect, wood materials are also used to design the ceiling.

Photography: HYLA Architects


6. The Black House by Berg Design Architecture

The Black House 18

This weekend house is designed by Berg Design Architecture with a romantic master bathroom design. In the master bathroom of The Black House, individual freedom can be seen from the use of patterned tiles for the floor and the small white tiles for the wall. A skylight allows the sunlight to enter the room easily.



7. Leslie Lane Residence by Assembledge+

Leslie Lane Residence 1

It is a one-storey house with a simple romantic master bathroom design. Designed by Assembledge+, Leslie Lane Residence has a big blue tub that becomes the main highlight of the room. Next to it is a shower area with a concrete bench. The wall and floor are designed with different tile types.

Photographer: Michael Weschler


8. Outside-In House by Interface Studio Architects

Outside In House 2

The romantic master bathroom design in Outside-In House is about a natural look. Designed by Interface Studio Architects, this master bathroom is bright with its white surface. The interior is dominated by white with a window that offers awesome views.

Photographer: Interface Studio Architects


9. Birch House by studio_suspicion

Birch House 9

This apartment has a master bathroom that is surrounded by wood. Designed by studio_suspicion, Birch House has a romantic master bathroom design with the use of wood material to beautify the floor and wall. Other bathroom elements like the tub, toilet, and sink come in white.

Photographer: Ryoo, In Keun


10. Tafel House by Andrew Franz Architect

Tafel House 2

The romantic master bathroom design in Tafel House is not only natural but also decorative. The gold elements can be seen on some things such as the faucet and the towel hanger. On the floor where the big tub is placed, beautiful patterned tiles can create an inviting vibe.

Photographer: Albert Vecerka / Esto

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