The Nutcracker: A Young Couple Home with Contemporary Interior and Distinct Spaces

The Nutcracker 8

The Nutcracker is a young couple home with their young daughters. They wish to have a home with a perfect space for parent-child activities. The house has a contemporary interior with some distinct spaces. The rich atmosphere is perfect for the young daughters with a warm and modest natural texture of the wall.


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The contemporary interior is designed with the configuration of the movement routes and layout of the house. The whole interior uses a newly-developed customized earthen-colored cement for the main foundation, creating a warm texture to the contemporary style and the wall surfaces.



The Nutcracker 4

The Nutcracker 5

The Nutcracker 6

The Nutcracker consists of a master bedroom with one adorable kid’s bedroom. The master bedroom has a large balcony, allowing to be used together as shared spaces. The kid’s bedroom is lovely with a pink and white color surface on the wall and the small loft.



The Nutcracker 7

The Nutcracker 8

The Nutcracker 9

The kid’s bedroom is simple but it also doesn’t lack of lovely details. It is like an amusement park with a warm atmosphere that comes from the layout and the wooden floor. There is also a big bookshelf, designed as a unique gate to enter the bedroom.



The Nutcracker 10

The Nutcracker 11

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Wooden materials and red-brick walls are combined to make a leisurely countryside atmosphere in the master bedroom. Those materials are also used together with the lighting and furniture to make some clean lines and a modern look in the contemporary interior design.



The Nutcracker 13

The Nutcracker 14

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The Nutcracker consists of three distinct spaces: children’s rooms, master bedroom, dining room, and also a living room. Those rooms are connected with the blue corridor in the atrium. Every room has its own storage function, facilitating the family to organize their stuff much better.



The Nutcracker 16

The Nutcracker 17

The Nutcracker 18

Creating the contemporary interior in some spaces of this house is done by using some great elements. The children room is designed with rounded lines and pastel color elements. On the other areas such as corridor, the use of lighting elements creates a visual depth through several distinct shades of lighting.



The Nutcracker 19

The Nutcracker 20

The Nutcracker 21

The Nutcracker 22

Originally, the kitchen is crowded and dark but it is changed into a warmer space. There is also a balcony with a large arched brick wall, inspired by European plazas to give a “time travel” feel. The use of white gauze curtain can provide a light and soft effect to the house interior.

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