Casa Setúbal: A Modern House with A Dramatic Entry and Colorful Ceiling

Casa Setúbal 14

Completed in 2108 by João Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos, this modern house offers a stylish living place with a combination of different materials and colors. The dramatic entry becomes the main highlight in Casa Setúbal with the colorful ceiling made from glass. Besides the white surfaces and wooden floor on its interior, the presence of furniture and decoration in different colors can decorate this house awesomely.


Casa Setúbal 17


Casa Setúbal 2

Casa Setúbal 3

The wall and ceiling surfaces are painted in white while some part of the floors is designed in different materials (concrete and wood). This kind of interior design is not only creating a brighter atmosphere inside the house but also bring a contrast appearance which is interesting and also decorative.



Casa Setúbal 4

Casa Setúbal 5

Casa Setúbal 6

The hallway that connects each room of the house is designed with long lighting along on its ceiling. In the kitchen, the use of concrete dominates the interior space, especially on the ceiling, floor, and wall. For the kid’s bedroom, the beds come in different bright colors but still using white as its main color.



Casa Setúbal 7

Casa Setúbal 8

Casa Setúbal 9

The concrete wall, ceiling, and floor in the kitchen can bring a little bit of industrial accent into this house. The same concept in this kitchen is also used for the bathroom. The bathroom offers a grey atmosphere that comes from its concrete wall while other elements like a bathtub and sink still beautified in white.


Casa Setúbal Gallery


Photographer: FG+SG

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