Sardenya Apartment: Minimalist Interior with L-Shaped Elements

Sardenya Apartment 17

Previously, Sardenya Apartment doesn’t have any compatible living way based on the requirement of the new owner. That’s why Raul Sanchez Architects starts from the pre-existing situation total demolition and keeping the structural system only of this apartment. Sardenya Apartment is a 2017-2018 project, located in Barcelona, Spain.


Sardenya Apartment 22

Sardenya Apartment 21

Sardenya Apartment 20

The proposal is about two L-shaped elements according to the functions of the new owner, a single man. The first L-shape partition is oriented with the access and the second L-shape partition houses the space of the bedroom with the bathroom en-suite.



Sardenya Apartment 19

Sardenya Apartment 18

Sardenya Apartment 17

The remaining space flows freely inside this apartment interior, creating a large sense without any boundaries from one room to another room. One of the examples is the guest bathroom and bedroom are closed with the oversized pivoting doors without any perimeter frames.



Sardenya Apartment 16

Sardenya Apartment 15

Sardenya Apartment 14

The minimalist interior of this apartment is not only open but also connected well from one room to another room. The spaces extend to every room, avoiding the spaces become useless, closed, and also residual.



Sardenya Apartment 13

Sardenya Apartment 12

Sardenya Apartment 11

The kitchen is separated from the independent partition, focused on the apartment entrance. This kitchen also opens into the living room through the island. The anteroom is the study area, communicated with the bed area of the bedroom, creating more private spaces.



Sardenya Apartment 10

Sardenya Apartment 9

Sardenya Apartment 8

The black kitchen is small but it has an awesome detail interior with the gold accent in the sink and faucet. The guest rooms have some large pivoting doors that lacquered in black. The bathroom is a combination interior design with different materials like granite, ceramic, and black varnish.

Sardenya Apartment 3

Sardenya Apartment 2

Sardenya Apartment 1

The guest bathroom is all white with varnish, granite, and micro-cement but the faucets and washes basin are kept in black color. The lighting fixtures play with the whites and blacks. Most of the furniture is made of lacquered wood with black handles.



Sardenya Apartment 4

Sardenya Apartment 5

Sardenya Apartment 7

The two L-shaped elements can organize the whole interior of this apartment well. With the combination of colors, materials, and minimalist style, every space becomes important for the living way of the owner every day.

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