Obra Virazón: A Large House with A Large Volume Locked by A Void

Obra Virazón 63

Designed and completed by Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos in 2021, Obra Virazón is a residential project of a large house located in Argentina. This house has a large volume locked by a void that becomes the main highlight of the structure.


Obra Virazón 62

Obra Virazón 63

Obra Virazón 58

Obra Virazón 59

Obra Virazón 60

Obra Virazón 61

Obra Virazón 54

The 6 x 22 meters large volume is locked by a void, resulting in the formal management of the ground floor that injects its functions. It is not only about their own condition and use but also about producing a series of intersects and spaces that link and give them particular qualities.

In this project, solving new areas coincidentally becomes the most important of the program.



Obra Virazón 55

Obra Virazón 56

Obra Virazón 57

Obra Virazón 49

Obra Virazón 50

Obra Virazón 51

Obra Virazón 52

In terms of intermediate spaces or interstices, this project includes the public area of the house such as the dining room, living room, and kitchen; horizontal and vertical circulation; access; and gallery expansion.

The patio can form itself awesomely without the need for physical actions, articulating the vertical and horizontal uses of all work.



Obra Virazón 53

Obra Virazón 44

Obra Virazón 45

Obra Virazón 46

Obra Virazón 47

Obra Virazón 48

Obra Virazón 39

This residential project shows how to describe compositional logic, including to conclude that there is no direct proportion between formal and physical execution with their importance.

All spaces of the house are linked by a route. The importance of this route is highlighted to provide the best qualities for the inhabitants. They can experience different actions of the light that affects those spaces.

It is a house where someone can find visuals, spaces, shadow and light projections, and life proposed by its operation once he or she walks through the entrance.


Obra Virazón Gallery

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

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