White Skip: A Small House with Incorporation of A Level-Difference into the Architecture

White Skip 8

Located in the midway on a sloping road, Hokkaido, Japan, White Skip is a 2014 project of a small house by Yamauchi Architects and Associates. For this project, the level-difference is incorporated into the architecture. This becomes an effective way to enrich the living environment.


White Skip 1

White Skip 2

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This house is at a 20 minutes driving distance from the city center of Sapporo, sits in the midway on a sloping road. This site can be found in a low-density residential district where awesome natural environments remain to some extent. The old and new houses co-exist in this district.



White Skip 8

White Skip 9

White Skip 10

White Skip 11

White Skip 12

White Skip 13

White Skip 14

White Skip 15

The non-reclaimed land where this house sits is inclined drastically with a 2-meter gap. This is equivalent to 2/3 of the height of the floor. The level-difference in this project is incorporated into the house architecture as in-between spaces and gaps.

The house itself is small due to the limited budget but the incorporation of the level-difference can enrich the living environment well.


White Skip Gallery


Photographer: Keikichi Yamauchi

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