VD House: A Cozy Small House with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

VD House 4

Designed by Futuris Architects, VD House is a 2021 project of a modern house located in the mountainous area of the Caucasus, Armenia. It is a cozy small house designed to be a place of power to enjoy the surrounding nature through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


VD House 1

VD House 2

VD House 3

VD House 4

VD House 5

With a truly Arizonian ambiance, this small house is the dream house of the client. It is a place where the client can breathe, away from stressful feelings living in the city. This house is located right in nature and far from urban chaos, designed as a place that would continue its surrounding nature.



VD House 6

VD House 7

VD House 8

Floor-to-ceiling windows are used to reflect the view, providing privacy and offering transparency as well. The architect uses natural materials for the exteriors: stone, wood, and metal. These materials can make the house seems to have been created by mother earth herself.

Inside, there is a living room, two bedrooms, and a kitchen. There is also a pool and a small terrace. This house becomes a place to watch sunsets, meet the sunrises, and relax far from the busy city.


VD House Gallery


Photography: Futuris Architects

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