Inset House: An Intersection Concept of the Residential Building with A Floating Garden

Completed in 2016 by Delution, Inset House comes from an intersection concept of the residential building. Located in West Java, Indonesia, this house has a floating garden that provides various benefits while the owner is out of the house.


Inset House 1

Inset House 2

Inset House 3

Inset House 4

Inset House 5

Inset House 6

Inset House 7

The west-facing house is the initial problem of this project. The architect explores the front of the house and the facade as well to consider in exploit the heat of the afternoon sunlight. The first floor of the house is sheltered by the second floor overstack far enough so the heat of the sun does not touch the main room on the first floor.



Inset House 8

Inset House 9

Inset House 10

Inset House 11

Inset House 12

Inset House 13

Inset House 14

The massing of the second floor is tilted so it doesn’t collide with the heat of the sun and the second skin of a striped wood is also added as the main obstacle of the heat. The “slit” window opening is also given behind the second sin to reduce incoming heat. This way can be called a “layered protection and ploy”.



Inset House 15

Inset House 16

Inset House 17

Inset House 18

Inset House 19

Inset House 20

Inset House 21

Inset House 22

The main crown of this house is the flying garden and it has a variety of functions to make this house cooler and beautiful. Besides functioned as the main element of the building facade and a hot exterminator, this garden also becomes awesome views for three rooms on the second floor of the house: children’s room, corridor, and main room. It is also a private garden balcony for the main room.



Inset House 23

Inset House 24

Inset House 25

Inset House 26


Inset House 28

Inset House 29

Inset House 30

Inset House 31

Inset House 32

Inset House 34

It is a house that also has a very minimal floor programming partition/wall to accommodate the client’s main desire for a spacious feeling inside the house. The first floor is designed as a joint activity area between the members of the family which also can be used to hold various events with friends. There is also multifunction furniture under the stairs are that can be turned into a sofa and bed.


Inset House Gallery


Photographer: Fernando Gomulya

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