Reef House: A Family Holiday Home with A Selection of Interesting Textures

Reef House 15

The brief of this project is to create a family holiday home for a mother and three adult sons. Reef House is designed by Strachan Group Architects, located in New Zealand with extensive sea views. A selection of interesting textures is desired by the client to complement the art and environment.


Reef House 1

Reef House 2

Reef House 3

Reef House 4

Reef House 5

Reef House 6

Reef House 7

The awesome sea views around this house come from the northeast to the south, overlooking the rocky beach break of Daniels Reef. Besides to hero Little Barrier Island, the outlook of this project is to provide scope to curated artworks.



Reef House 8

Reef House 9

Reef House 10

Reef House 11

Reef House 12

Reef House 13

Reef House 14

The house spaces are designed to meet the needs for a myriad of coastal activities such as a smokehouse, a fish sink, parking for boats and cars, surfing, cooking, and fishing. The client also requests a spa pool, guest suite, and a variety of outdoor spaces.



Reef House 15

Reef House 16

Reef House 17

Reef House 18

Reef House 19

Reef House 20

Reef House 21

The plan of this project is a split cruciform to provide crosses ventilation and axial views. The form is breaking into a twin roof pavilion, allowing for volume shifts and floor-to-floor heights in the upper floor spaces of the house.

The main upper floor plates are arranged to direct awesome views out to the sea from the living areas and entrance while the kitchen extrudes to the north onto the outdoor living spaces.



Reef House 22

Reef House 23

Reef House 24

Reef House 25

The architect is also called to guide and mentor the clients’ two builder sons on their first building project. This project becomes a testament to the strength of collaboration between builder, landscape architect, architect, and client.


Reef House Gallery


Photographer: Simon Devitt

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